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TOEFL Alternatives

Alternative to TOEFL

Eastern's graduate preparation program is an alternative to the TOEFL admission requirement for non-native speakers of English.

  • The program consists of language preparation courses offered by the English Language Institute (ELI) and content courses specified by the academic department or program.
  • The preparation program usually lasts two quarters and requires meeting specific grade point and performance standards. Students are evaluated after each quarter on their progress in both the language and content courses.
  • Only students who successfully complete the requirements of their particular preparation program are fully admitted to Graduate Studies. Successful completion means achieving the required grades in content courses and at least a "good" rating in the language courses on the ELI scale of fair/good/excellent.
  • Students admitted to Graduate Studies may include in their graduate program up to 12 credits of pre-admission, graduate-level course work not used toward an undergraduate degree, with the approval of their advisor.

Note: Students interested in the MBA program must also submit a score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) of at least 450 and qualify for admission based on completion of prerequisite business courses, the GMAT score and ELI recommendation.

In order to enroll as an EWU graduate student, you must complete all of the following steps:

  • Submit a complete application to Graduate Studies by following the guidelines on our International Graduate Students page. Applicants should begin the application proces at least six months before the term during which they wish to enroll. All applicants must have at least the equivalent of a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited U.S. university.
  • Submit all required supplemental materials for the specific graduate program as identified on the program pages listed in Graduate Degrees or Graduate Certificates. Review time varies widely by program and may take several weeks or more. Official correspondence will notify applicants of a recommendation of admission or a denial of admission.
  • Applicants recommended for admission will be advised about enrollment in a graduate preparation program as an alternative to submitting language test scores to meet the English language proficiency admission requirement. Note: Students who are not admitted to Graduate Studies after the preparation program will be advised about the possibility of pursuing undergraduate study at Eastern.

I-20 Information and Financial Requirements

  • I-20s will be issued after receipt of a current financial statement (no more than six months old) documenting sufficient U.S. funds to support study at Eastern as specified below. English translations of all financial statements are required. Statements of financial support from an embassy, scholarship agency or source other than the applicant's funds or those of an immediate family member must be submitted in an original letter from the funding source.
  • Students recommended for Eastern's graduate preparation program will be issued an I-20 for post-baccalaureate study that states the conditions for admission to Graduate Studies after a current financial statement documenting $17,704 US has been received. This is the amount required for two quarters of post-baccalaureate and language tuition as well as estimated room, board and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Students who successfully complete Eastern's graduate preparation program will be issued an I-20 for Graduate Studies after a current financial statement documenting $45,000 US has been received. This is the amount required for 12 months of graduate study, including summer tuition, as well as estimated room, board and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Tuition waivers are available for Graduate Studies only, and international students are eligible. Interested students are encouraged to apply for a graduate service appointment (GSA).
  • Acculturation and Language Orientation Program for International Students: International students who are fully admitted to Graduate Studies may wish to enroll in one quarter of graduate preparation.

Please contact the English Language Institute for further information on the graduate preparation program.

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