Running Start Benefits & Things to Consider

Benefits of Doing Running Start

  • Tuition is free; you can save up to two years in college tuition costs and earnĀ up to two years of college credit
  • You can take a wide variety of classes that may not be offered at the high school
  • If you’re academically qualified, you’ll have the opportunity to take more challenging or advanced courses
  • You may thrive in the college environment if you’re highly-motivated and mature
  • Our diverse college student population provides a rich learning environment
  • You’re not required to take any standardized exams to earn credit
  • Our credits transfer to most other universities and Washington state community colleges
  • Experiencing college classes while still in high school can help you make future educational plans
  • You’ll have access to EWU’s rich learning resources: JFK library, EWU Writers Center, Mathematics Tutoring Lab, the Multi-Media Center and the Learning Commons
  • You can take STA busses for free to get to and from campus with your student ID card

Comparing Online & In-Person Running Start


  • You may only need to come to campus a handful of times for things like placement tests
  • You’ll have more flexibility with scheduling courses
  • Online courses require an additional level of maturity, self-motivation and self-reliance than traditional college course


  • You’ll likely need to campus every day (but you can ride STA busses for free!)
  • Your college class schedule may conflict with some high school classes/activities.
  • You’ll have in-person access to instructors, advisors, tutors and more

Things to Consider

  • Your grades in college courses become a part of your permanent high school and college records
  • You’ll need to buy your own books and pay your own course fees
  • You’ll be exposed firsthand to college culture
  • You may be exposed to alternative viewpoints and material of an adult nature
  • The college calendar does not match the high school calendar (holidays, finals and vacations)
  • College courses typically require at least two hours of homework for each hour of class
  • Our classes pack a significant amount of material into a short period of time: a yearlong class in the high school is completed in a ten-week quarter at EWU
  • Even if you’re academically ready, you may find the required independence and speed of college classes overwhelming