Running Start Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I attend some classes at my high school while participating in Running Start?
    Yes. A student may choose to either enroll full-time at EWU (up to 15 credits) or part-time, with the rest of the classes taken at the high school.
  • Do all classes and grades from EWU apply to my high school transcript?
    Yes. Your EWU grades are recorded on both your high school and permanent college transcript.
  • Who determines which EWU courses fulfill high school graduation requirements?
    Each school district determines equivalencies for their students.
  • What courses can I take as a Running Start student at EWU?
    You have lots of options! As a Running Start student, you’ll work with an advisor to make sure you’re meeting your high school graduation requirements with the EWU classes you choose to take. You can take elective courses as long as your high school requirements are met by your graduation date.
  • Do I need to meet all of my high school graduation requirements? 
    Yes. You must meet your school district’s qualifications for a high school diploma.
  • Can a public high school in Washington deny me Running Start participation?
    No, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • When applying to colleges after participating in Running Start, should I apply as a transfer student?
    No. You would still apply as a regular incoming freshman to be eligible for freshman financial aid and scholarships.
  • As a Running Start student, can I participate in university campus activities, such as student government, organizations, and clubs?
    Absolutely! With the exception of NCAA sports, you may participate in activities on the university campus.