Burned Popcorn

Welcome to Burned Popcorn!

Burned PopcornWe are excited to be able to engage with you through this medium. Burned Popcorn is released on a weekly basis. The podcast is a substitution for the weekly newsletter that CAs released during the school year. The podcast will be continually released during the pandemic, but as soon as we get student staff, we will cease operation since they will be taking over with the weekly newsletter.

You can listen to Burned Popcorn on Anchor.fm, and wherever you get your podcasts. Please note that places like Apple Podcasts might show up later during the week. To hear it first, visit us on Anchor and here! If you’d like to read a summary of our podcast, make sure to read the show notes below. Let us know your thoughts! Don’t forget to watch us live on Instagram on Fridays.

Show Notes