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Race 2007

Team “Nightfall”

It was another good year in 2007, with a total of fifteen teams turning out to race. All the teams made a great effort. Once again we had some exceptional presentations. This set of skills will definitely help when these bright students move onto professional careers. Most of teams struggled with the race portion of the competition this year. There were several efforts to put forth a competitive bicycle design, but this is by far the most difficult vehicle to pull off. The material restrictions of this competition means that anyone planning to try a bicycle needs to start early and be ready for plenty of redesign and rework effort. While our winning team Nightfall managed to field a sturdy and fast bicycle, most other teams attempting this design failed to finish the race within the maximum time. That being said, I don't want to discourage teams from the challenge of building a bicycle design, but I do want to encourage you to appreciated the difficulty of the task.

Our second place team this year was Team Innovation Station, with their direct drive tricycle design. Even building a successful tricycle is a no small feat. In general, a tricycle is somewhat easier to build than a bicycle design and a good tricycle can easily put in a competition winning time most years. So I do encourage teams to consider this option.

Congratulations to our winning teams and schools for a job well done. Our six awards went out to three separate colleges this year with Highline Community College once again taking the bulk of the honors, including team "On The Edge" winning most innovative Design. Green River Community college took home second place honors for project presentation and Spokane Falls Community College team "Carboard County Choppers" took the Best Team Spirit award.

If you are a student or faculty member and are looking into this competition for the first time, I hope you will consider joining us in the future. For those of you who participated in our competition, I look forward to seeing you and your new designs.

Once again, thanks to all.
Keith Turpin

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