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2008 Race Photos

Benjamin Constantine from the Paperweights explains the team's rear axle design.
After the presentations everyone takes a break for a pizza lunch.
Jessica Spurr of team Speed Racer get off to a good start.
Barry Gaunce runs into a bit of trouble on the ramp, but doesn't give up.
Jessie Hulsizer decides that her shoes are just getting in the way. Her outstanding effort helped her team win Best Team Spirit.
Crissy Harringten struggles to stay on team Gators vehicle after the rear axle goes out.
Yes those are the pedals laying on the ground at Benjamin Constantine's feet.
Nate Eastlend ran into some trouble on the ramp.
Chris Copell, from the High Rollers, got off to a slow, but steady start.
Tim Wiech sets a fast pace that led team Gator-done to a near record time.
Brad Maier, of Team 111, cruises over the ramp.
Temitope Akinfolarin, of team Gears of War, struggles to keep their unique design moving.
Mikhail Moskvich got the A Team off to a good start.
Don Richter congratulates team Gears of War on their two awards.
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