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Scheduling Event Space in JFK Library

Due to COVID-19, the JFK Library Building is closed. Space reservations are not available during this time. When JFK reopens to the public, procedures for space reservations will be updated.

When We Reopen: Requesting Space in JFK

Student Groups

When we reopen we will publish procedures for student groups wanting to schedule space. Until that time, call the EWU SAIL Office for remote event assistance at 509.359.2514.


Eagle Sync

Table Tent Reservations in JFK

When JFK reopens, we will post procedures for campus groups and departments to request one-week reservations for table tents in the library.

Make a request by contacting the library operations office at least one week in advance. Paper flyers or slips cannot be substituted. 

  • Tents must be approved through the PUB administration office and have appropriate stamp.
  • Group or department is responsible for printing and placing the tents; after the reservation period has passed tents will be recycled by building staff.
  • JFK table count: 42 on the upper level, 68 on the main level and 44 on the lower level.
Contact Library

Faculty and Staff

When JFK reopens faculty and staff may be able to request space using 25Live, or contact Event Planning for assistance, 509.359.4249.


Community Members

Contact Event Planning for assistance, 509.359.4249.

EWU Event Planning Office

Filming in JFK

Please apply with EWU’s Office of Risk, Compliance and Procurement.


Film Request Form