The Art of Buon Fresco: Student Work Display, ARTH 300

November 17, 2022

The students of ARTH 300 “Art Across Time: Prehistory-17th Century” have engaged with the rise of Fresco Secco (dry fresco) and the transition to Buon Fresco (wet fresco) in ancient art.

Upon learning about frescoes of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Middle Ages, students conducted research into the techniques, purpose, and locations of specific frescoes. For Research Project #3, students investigated and researched a fresco of their choosing created between 60 AD and the rise of the 11th century. As students conducted research, they examined the culture, archeological site, and purpose of their selected fresco. Post-research, students replicated their fresco by creating a Buon Fresco of their own.

When visiting the JFK Library Secrist Gallery, visitors may view handmade frescoes depicting scenes ranging from the wall art of Pompeii to the hidden catacombs of Florence, to iconography of Indo-Asia.


Sophie Arold

Sab Borders

Sophie Brabec

Madyssen Caverly

Adon Cough

Genevieve Curry

Carly Ellis

Amanda Frost

Karen Gerken

Darrien Haney

Addison Hensen

Lily Hendersen

Rachel Hove

Alyssa Kamp

Katherine Kneafsey

Ash Gordon

Trevor Maine

Elizabeth Mendiola

Alexander Pacheco

Andrew Rogers

Larissa Schwendiman

Nan Whybark

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