Services, Extended

Panoramic aerial view of the EWU Campus

When Madison Flint, a senior English major at EWU, sat down to fill out the Winter 2021 Student Satisfaction Survey, it occurred to her that Eastern’s anticipated post-pandemic reopening would likely not come soon enough for her to benefit. “I wish that students who have been enrolled at EWU for the past year could continue to use the university services we have paid for — at least for a year after we graduate,” Flint wrote.

Eastern administrators not only heard Flint’s suggestion, they acted on it. EWU students enrolled during pandemic-affected quarters —and not enrolled during terms in the 2021-2022 academic year —will be allowed to continue to access to the University Recreation Center, athletic events and musical and theatrical performances through the end of the Spring 2022 term. In addition, the university will also extend these students’ access and borrowing privileges at university libraries, as well as special student pricing for equipment rentals through EPIC.

Flint is scheduled to graduate this spring. She says she was pleased to learn that university officials not only read her comment, but were implementing her suggestion. She plans to take advantage of the services after she graduates.

“I’m especially excited about the proposed access to the library for post-graduates, since I have some topics I would like to continue studying and the EWU databases allow access to a lot of research material,” Flint says. “I have unfortunately not been able to visit the URC since I started attending EWU in January 2020, but once I get my vaccine I would like to try out the climbing wall and the other equipment there.”