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Northwest TTAP

In 1992, Eastern Washington University was selected to administer one of four national centers designed to provide access to technology transfer, training, and research for Tribal Governments on local, regional, and national transportation issues. Today we now have seven centers serving the Tribal Gorenments.  This five-year cooperative agreement is intended to assist Tribal Governments, extend their technical capabilities, expand tribal workforces to address present and future transportation needs, and develop tribal relevant training programs.

The goals are accomplished through a program comprised to technology transfer and training, research, written material, video tapes, and cultural consideration. The objectives of the program include:

  • Coordinating information distribution, technical assistance, and training activities at the tribal level.
  • Improving communication and transportation issues among the Federal Highway Administration, State Highway Transportation Agencies, Tribal Governments, Local Agencies, and Universities.
  • Helping implement administrative procedures and new transportation technology at the tribal level.
  • Providing training and assistance in Public Law 93-638 contracting and Tribal Self Government Compact procedures and requirements.
  • Providing training and assistance in transportation planning, development of recreational travel and tourism, and related economic development.
  • Developing educational programs to encourage and motivate interest in transportation careers among Native American students.

Reviewed: 10-21-2016

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