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Census and Population Data for Transportation Planning - A series of 8 webinars Self Pace Training

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Date and Time

January 17 - March 21, 2017


on-line self paced


Northwest TTAP & EWU Urban & Regional Planning Dept.

Event Details

This training consist of eight webinars, for a total of 12 hours on census and related data bases, and how data can be downloaded and applied to tribal transportation planning. Each webinar is generally 1.5 hours presented in a lecture or video/webinar format. Webinars were recorded earlier. The class material is presented so students can go to on-line data access sites on their own computers and learn how to find, download, and create reports to apply data to tribal transportation and planning issues. Students will complete a "report" on the data for a tribe they select that includes its meaning for transportation planning. At the end of the training there will be an evaluation of the workshop and a reflective essay on the value of this material to be completed by each participant.

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Contact: Michele 509-828-1411

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