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Northwest TTAP
668 N. Riverpoint Blvd., Rm 384
Spokane, WA 99202-1660
phone: 509.828.1411

Online Classes (Directed Self Paced Training)

Directed Self-paced instruction is any kind of instruction that proceeds based on learner response. The content itself can be curriculum, technical tutorials, or any other subject that does not require the immediate response of an instructor. Self-paced instruction is constructed in such a way that the learner proceeds from one topic or segment to the next at their own speed. The Northwest TTAP uses EWU Canvas to facilitate their directed self-pace training. An instructor is available to reply to questions by phone, email or on the canvas site. 

Training Certificates

Northwest TTAP and the EWU Tribal Planning Program offer two certificates for the online training.  The following table shows what you must complete in order to recieve the certificate for the online trainings:

Listen to all recordings Read all assigned materials Turned in all assignments
Certificate of Participation X X
Certificate of Completetion X X X

Time Frames

Each training will have a start and end date.  You can register up to a few days before the end dates for these trainings.

  • Start Date: Is the date that participants will have access to the materials.
  • End Date: Is the date that participants will no longer have access to the materials.

Before registering for a training please check the training to make sure that you have sufficient time to complete all recordings and assigned matericals before the class ends

Available Training

  • Tribal Planning Basics
  • Census and Population Data for Transportation Planning

Click here for more information on available training

Training Under Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Sustainable Transportation

 Updated 12/30/2016

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