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Northwest TTAP
668 N. Riverpoint Blvd., Rm 384
Spokane, WA 99202-1660
phone: 509.828.1411

Webinar Trainings

Webinar training is a live web-based video conference that uses the internet to connect the instructor/presenter hosting the webinar to the students/participants - the viewers and listeners of the webinar from all over the world. Instructors/presenters can show themselves speaking, switch to their computer screens for sideshows or demonstrations, and even invite guests from other locations to co-host the webinar with them. There are also interactive features that the audience can use to ask questions and chat with host.

Schedule in 2017

  • Tribal Planning Basics

Webinars Under Development

  • EDC Countermeasures
  • Purchase/Contracting/SuperCircular
  • Long Range Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Safety Plans Development

Updated 12/29/2016

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