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Hello EWU Faculty,

In an effort to provide support for transitioning your courses online in a safe and scalable way, we have implemented a virtual support room within Zoom.

The intent is to answer questions and provide options in a group setting, with breakout sessions as needed. For Program or Departmental consultations, please schedule directly through

You may join meeting number 145-106-536 or use the direct link:

Initially, we will offer this support option during regular business hours, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Dear Faculty,

Thank you for developing an online course for Eastern Washington University! Eastern Online Learning provides faculty and student support for all EWU online course offerings, no matter the funding model. You must submit the Online Course Agreement Form for all new online offerings as well as major course revisions so that you can:

  • Receive payment
  • Track programs
  • Receive help from the IT team as you build the course

Note: Intellectual Property Policy for online courses follows the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Online Course Agreement Form


Let us know! You can call us at 509.359.2268 or email


Basic Information

The Online Course Information Form needs to be completed and submitted through proper channels for approval prior to developing an online course offering.

  • Fill out all information in the appropriate places or dropdown
  • You must provide the required emails for the chair and dean for authorization
  • The form will be submitted to the Eastern Online Learning Office and will automatically send via email to

The following is required for self-support courses:

  • Course syllabus which includes the following:
    • Course Description
    • Student Learning Objectives (should match accreditation standards)
    • Instructor Contact Information
    • Required Texts/Materials (If webcams/headsets are required for course webinars, they should be listed here as well as listed with the EWU bookstore)
    • Course Outline
    • Assignment overviews (more may be included, but a basic description of each assignment is required)
    • Grading scale
    • EWU Academic Integrity Policy with link to EWU policy site
    • Disability Support Services information with a link to EWU DSS site
    • Proctoring information with link to EWU proctor site (if proctored tests are required)
  • Utilization of the EWU online course template, including
    • Setup/Support & Getting Started areas
    • Course divided into modules/weeks (minimum of 10 segments for quarter courses; 15 for semester courses)
    • Overviews statements that link content to course objectives in each module
    • To-Do lists in each module
    • Assignments with clear assessment/rubric criteria
  • Student-to-student interactive assignments regularly offered throughout the course; this is typically done through weekly discussions.
  • Teacher Presence: regular teacher voice through introductory information on course content both through text and media
  • Media Production: professionally-edited audio/video by Eastern Online staff.
    • Instructors are encouraged to also add video feedback as the course proceeds through webcam and/or audio comments. Regular professionally-edited media presence in the course by the professor is required.

Webinars: Additionally, if regular synchronous online sessions are a course requirement, times/dates for those sessions must be listed in EagleNET. Helpsheets on using the chosen webinar system (i.e. Blackboard Collaborate, Big Blue Button, or Zoom) must be placed in the course site if webinars are required.

Consultations Meetings: In order to ensure the courses meet these standards, you are required to participate in regular meetings/communication with your instructional designer/project manager.

Media Production: For media production, you will need to work with the Eastern Online production staff. This would be coordinated through the assigned instructional designer as the project manager.

Online Course Development Workshop: Completion of the online course development workshop is also required. This workshop should be completed prior to the development of a first online course for EWU. The workshop does not need to be taken for subsequent online course development.

Development for a faculty member’s first online course are traditionally completed in two quarters. Instructional Designers (ID) and Production Specialists on the online course development team are available for consultations. Please schedule a meeting with an ID as soon as possible. Online Learning Production Specialists can assist with media development for all EWU Online Learning courses and programs. (See CBA Article 22.3)

The development process for faculty developing additional online courses for EWU is traditionally one quarter, though more may be requested. Instructional Design and Production Support is provided. Online course development approval is necessary prior to the quarter in which the development takes place.

Faculty instructing courses that have already been developed for online instructing (e.g. using an online course master) should allow 6-8 weeks for training and incorporation of personalized media elements (e.g. welcome lecture and weekly overviews).

Compensation for Online Course Development

Course Authorization Form signatures are required by the chair and dean prior to course development.

Faculty developing self-support online courses will receive $650/credit hour developed upon university verification of the finalized online course.

The revision course authorization form must be signed by the chair and dean prior to revision.

Faculty revising self-support online courses will receive $325/credit hour developed upon University verification of the finalized online course.