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Greg Schmidt
PAV 336
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.4252

Staff Training

EWU Aquatic Staff Training Program

BESTGuard Instructor Course!  December 27-30 8-5 PM each day.  Cost is just $35. 

Must be 18 and have current instructor rating from ARC, Ellis, YMCA, Starguard, etc.

EWU Lifeguards are trained in a new certification program called BESTGuard, which originated here.   The program was approved by tWashington State in February of 2014 and is now in use at EWU Aquatic Center.  Most of EWU's guards are certified with BESTGuard certification.  For some, it will replace their current certification, and for others it will serve as a second lifeguarding certificate.

BESTGuard is unique in its approach to lifeguarding.  By implementing eclectic rescue protocols that are the best practices as verified by extensive field testing, we don't adhere to techniques that are attached to a particular certification when other techniques are clearly better.  When no technique exists that fits a given scenario, we develop our own.  Many times prototol must be modified or developed to fit a given facility, as well as a given situation.  BESTGuard is committed to cutting edge protocol and advanced first aid (First Responder level).  BESTGuard includes rescues, first aid, CPR/AED, and oxygen administration.  The full course is longer than most of the other current lifeguard courses, to include detail on complications that are typically associated with lifeguard rescues or first aid responses.  Included are units on lifeguards in the EMS system, human body systems as related to first aid, liability training, and pool operation.  Although we acknowledge that no program can cover everything that a guard needs to know, we have tried to make BESTGuard as comprehensive as possible.   

Coordinated EMS training is a requirement of the BESTGuard program.  Each class performs simulations working with the Cheney Fire Department on victim assessment, treatment, and seamless transfer of care.  BESTGuard focuses on simulation based training,  because first aid is dynamic, and must be based on action principles, more than on rote sequences.

BESTGuard's unique gear is also taking off nationally.  The eLifeguard company now manufactures and sells our BESTGuard Head Immobilizer System.  Here's the web page to check it out!  We also use the eLifeguard Life-tube Rescue tube and the NuMask IOM/OPA system for rescue breathing.  (see photo directly below)

For questions about this program and our staff training regimen, contact Aquatic Center Manager Greg Schmidt at

                         BESTGuard Head Immobilizer                   

The full BESTGuard course is available upon demand.  Sign up at the Aquatic Center.  Cost is only $5!  Must be 16 years of age and have excellent swimming ability.




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