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Undergraduate Admissions
304 Sutton Hall
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.2397

Admissions Advisors

Meet the EWU Admissions team and find the advisor for your school.

  • Jana Jaraysi '06, '08
    Jana Jaraysi '06, '08
    Interim Director of Recruitment
    Phone: 509.359.2450

    Hometown: Kennewick, WA
    Major: Marketing and management
    Hardest class ever taken: Finance
    Favorite off-campus hangout: Mason Jar (a coffee shop in Cheney)
    Favorite EWU tradition: Pass through the Pillars
    Out-of-state recruiting: Arizona

  • Boubacar Bouaré
    Boubacar Bouaré
    Interim Director of Operations
    Phone: 509.359.6449

    Hometown: Bamako, Mali 
    Major: Social and economic administration, business administration
    Hardest class ever taken: Chemistry
    Favorite off-campus hangout: All electronics stores in town!
    Favorite EWU tradition: Pass through the Pillars
    Out-of-state recruiting: International

  • Kenneth Burns II
    Kenneth Burns II
    Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 509.956.4141

    Hometown: Renton, WA
    Major: Sociology
    Minor: Education
    Hardest class ever taken: Calculus
    Favorite off-campus hangout: Downtown Spokane
    Favorite EWU tradition: Embrace Your Diversity
    In-state recruiting: Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, and Thurston Counties
    Out-of-state recruiting: Illinois

    Texting and phone: 509.956.4141

  • Carlo Calvillo
    Carlo Calvillo
    Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 509.309.0051

    Hometown: Tonasket, WA
    Political science
    Hardest class ever taken:
     Doc-based research methods
    Favorite off-campus hangout:
     Indaba and Atticus (two coffee shops in Spokane)
    Favorite EWU tradition:
    Pass through the Pillars
    In-state recruiting:
    Community Colleges of Spokane

    Texting and phone: 509.309.0051

  • Lillian Do-Tran '13, '15
    Lillian Do-Tran '13, '15
    Regional Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 509.822.5703

    Hometown: Seattle, WA
    Major: Communications
    Hardest class ever taken: Chemistry for Health Sciences
    Favorite off-campus hangout: El Rodeo
    Favorite EWU traditions: Pass through the Pillars
    In-state recruiting: Island, north King, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom Counties

    Texting and phone: 509.822.5703

  • Koda Hendrickson
    Koda Hendrickson
    Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 509.359.4331

    Hometown: Spokane, WA
    Religion and anthropology
    Hardest class ever taken:
    Organic chemistry
    Favorite off-campus hangout:
    Atticus (a coffee shop in Spokane)
    Favorite EWU tradition:
    Pass through the Pillars
    Out-of-state recruiting:

  • Emmanuel "Manny" Lopez
    Emmanuel "Manny" Lopez
    Enrollment Advocate
    Phone: 509.397.7760

    Special admissions programs: DREAMers, DACA students, 1079 students, students from foster families
    Hometown: Quincy, WA
    Major: Physical Education
    Hardest class ever taken: Anatomy and physiology
    Favorite off-campus hangout: Riverside State Park
    Favorite EWU tradition: the new-hire scavenger hunt

    Texting and phone: 509.397.7760

  • Nathan Marney '09, '11
    Nathan Marney '09, '11
    Events and Visits Coordinator
    Phone: 509.359.6753

    Hometown: East Wenatchee, WA
    Major: Economics (Business)
    Hardest class ever taken: Econometrics
    Favorite off-campus hangout: Downtown Spokane
    Favorite EWU tradition: Sunday Brunch in Tawanka
    Out-of-state recruiting: Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

  • Crystal Medina
    Crystal Medina
    Visits Coordinator
    Phone: 509.359.7898

    Hometown: Wentachee, WA
    Major: Public Relations
    Hardest class ever taken: 
    Visual Communication Design 1
    Favorite off-campus hangout: 
    The Perry District in Spokane
    Favorite EWU tradition: 
    Homecoming Bed Races
    Special Programs: 
    Campus Visits

  • Adan Meza
    Adan Meza
    Regional Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 509.956.4054

    Special admissions programs: Group Visits 
    Hometown: Toppenish, WA
    Major: Technology
    Hardest class ever taken: CNC Programming
    Favorite off-campus hangouts: Buffalo Wild Wings
    Favorite EWU tradition: Eastern football tailgating
    Out-of-state recruiting: Alaska and Montana

    Texting and phone: 509.956.4054

  • Jennifer Nehus '10
    Jennifer Nehus '10
    Senior Admissions Advisor and International Specialist
    Jennifer Nehus, Senior Admissions Advisor and International Specialist
    Phone: 509.359.7431

    Special admissions programs: all things international
    Hometown: Billings, MT
    Major: Anthropology and Arab Studies
    Hardest class ever taken: Islamic law
    Favorite off-campus hangout: coffee shops in Spokane
    Favorite EWU tradition: Pass through the Pillars
    Out-of-state recruiting: International

  • Isaias Nunez
    Isaias Nunez
    Admissions Advisor and WUE Coordinator
    Phone: 509.631.8043

    Hometown: Fairfield, CA
    Major: Criminal justice
    Hardest class ever taken: Research methods
    Favorite off-campus hangout: Riverside State Park
    Favorite EWU tradition: New-hire scavenger hunt
    In-state recruiting: Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Pacific, Skamania, and Wahkiakum Counties
    Out-of-state recruiting: Northern California and Texas

    Texting and phone: 509.631.8043

  • Shelby Puckett
    Shelby Puckett
    Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 509.956.4155

    Hometown: Tekoa, WA
    Hardest class ever taken:
    Business and society
    Favorite off-campus hangouts:
    Thomas Hammer (local coffee chain)
    Favorite EWU tradition:
    "Cawwwing" after an EWU football first down
    In-state recruiting:
    Spokane County

    Texting and phone: 509.956.4155

  • Shelby Ray '15
    Shelby Ray '15
    Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 509.822.5342

    Special admissions programs: Go Home Program
    Hometown: Poulsbo, WA
    Major: Psychology
    Hardest class ever taken: Business Law
    Favorite off-campus hangouts: Mason Jar and Manito Park
    Favorite EWU tradition: Tawanka tray sledding!
    In-state recruiting: Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties
    Out-of-state recruiting: Hawaii and Idaho

    Texting and phone: 509.822.5342

  • Ana Zapien '13
    Ana Zapien '13
    Regional Admissions Advisor
    Phone: 425.247.5841

    Hometown: Prosser, WA
    Major: Psychology
    Hardest class ever taken: Statistics
    Favorite off-campus hangout: El Rodeo
    In-state recruiting: Chelan, Kittitas, Klickitat, Okanogan, and Yakima Counties

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