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Undergraduate Admissions
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Information for Counselors

Hi counselors! We love to receive your feedback and insights, and we want to know if anything we do makes your work harder or hampers your students on their college journey. Or, if we've done something that really helped you or a student and their family, we want to find ways to take that success and help others. You can share your comments with Jana Jaraysi, who manages EWU's recruiting team.

Upload Official Documents Online

If you're a school official, you can upload your students' official transcripts and test scores via an online form. Contact your regional recruiter or Jana Jaraysi to receive the link. (We don't publish the form's link online, which helps us ensure only counselors and other official school staff can upload documents.)

More Than Recruiting

We love to talk about EWU, but if you need a reputable and experienced organization to talk your students about the college admissions process, key financial aid concepts, or ways students can improve their admissions prospects, let us know! We truly enjoy helping counselors and students.

Elementary and Middle School Options

EWU prides itself on increasing access to students from all backgrounds. We've developed the state's largest and most successful programs for young students, and we'd love to welcome you to campus or visit your school as part of our annual activities or as part of a special event just for you. Contact your regional recruiter or Jana Jaraysi to explore your options.

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