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African American

The African diaspora has a home at Eastern. In fact, among Washington state universities, EWU has one of the higher percentages of African American students in its freshman student body, more so than even WSU, UW or WWU.  The Africana education program serves as the main point of contact for African American students looking to build community at EWU.

African American on EWU's Campus

EWU's Africana education program hosts events all year long, and if you'd like to attend them as a future student, let us know.

  • Discover campus groups and organizations like the Black Student Union.
  • Join the Black Student Union Facebook page. BSU volunteers in the community and hosts cultural showcases, hair shows, dance parties and more.
  • Contact the students, faculty and advisers with inside knowledge about life as African American student on campus. You can start by emailing Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries at or calling her at 509.359.6150.
  • Connect with EWU's student government, ASEWU. EWU's current study body president, Dahir "DJ" Jigre, founded the Afro Caribbean Association.
  • Learn about scholarships that are only available through the Africana Education Program.
  • Explore EWU's five African American sororities and fraternities.
  • Plan your campus visit during Black History Month in February and join us for lectures and special events celebrating important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

African American Programs and Classes at EWU

Critically explore, analyze and interpret the experience of African Americans and other people of African descent.

Sample Programs that Address Issues Affecting African American Diversity

African Education

Communication Studies
Race and Culture Studies

Social Work

Sample Classes that Address Issues Affecting African American Diversity

AAST 101 Introduction to Africana Studies
AAST 216 20th Century African American History
AAST 222 African American Economics
AAST 331 History and Dynamics of U.S. Slavery
AAST 375 African American Cinema
AAST 430 The Black Woman's Struggle
AAST 481 Dr. King and Malcolm X: A Comparison
ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 347 Peoples of Africa
ART 311 African and African American Art History
CMST 452 Cultural Studies
ENG 381 Contemporary African American Literature
AAST 215 Early African American History
MGMT 424 Equity and Equality in the Workplace
PSYC 381 Social Psychology
PSYC 474 Cultural Psychology
PSYC 452 Social Influences
PSYC 481 Prejudice and Stereotyping
RCST 202 Race, Privilege and Power
RCST 330 Research Race and Culture
SOCI 371 African American Family
SOCI 482 Identity and Power
SOWK 470 Social Policy Analysis
SOWK 378 Human Behavior in the Social Environment

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