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Hispanic or Chicano

Among all public Washington state universities, EWU has one of the highest percentages of Hispanic students in its freshman student body. The Chicano Education program serves as the main point of contact for Hispanic, Latino and Chicano students looking to build community at EWU.

Hispanics, Latinos and Chicanos on EWU's Campus

EWU's focus on community sets it apart from other universities in the state. EWU was home to Dr. Rudolfo Arevelo, the state's first Hispanic university president and a first-generation college student who was the son of migrant workers. The EWU student representative to the Board of Trustees is Hispanic. And as a recent story in the region's largest newspaper shows, EWU understands that college is a family affair, not just an independent decision.

Getting connected to EWU's vibrant Hispanic community is simple.

  • Curious about 1079 information? Visit the EWU Dreamers Facebook page or download the 1079 residency affidavit
  • Reach out to the Chicano Education program. Their first mission is to actively contribute towards enhancing the opportunity and participation of Chicanos/Latinos in higher education, and they'd love to hear from you if you have questions about EWU.
  • Learn about programs like TRiO, McNair scholars, Eastern Advantage and the Eastern Scholars Academy at the Academic Success Center. You can even watch or read TRiO success stories featuring past students who were part of the programs.
  • Apply for scholarships that were created with Hispanic students in mind. You'll even find special scholarships for undocumented students.
  • Explore EWU's Hispanic sororities and fraternities.
  • Check out the Q-VO newsletter, which highlights Hispanic student clubs, the work of Hispanic students and faculty on campus, and more.
  • Contact the students, faculty and advisers with inside knowledge about life as a Hispanic student on campus. You can start by sending an email to  or by calling 509.359.2404.
  • Connect EWU's student government, ASEWU. EWU's current student representative to the Board of Trustees , Francisco "Frank" Navarro, is a strong advocate for the rights of undocumented students.
  • Connect with Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A) through the EWU clubs and organizations website.

Hispanics, Chicanos and Latinos in the Community

Hispanic, Chicano and Latino Programs and Classes at EWU

Build your understanding of Chicano community and Chicano culture through studies of history, literature, politics and more.

Sample Programs that Address Issues Affecting Hispanic, Chicano and Latino Diversity

Chicano Education
Communication Studies
Race and Culture Studies

Social Work

Sample Classes that Address Issues Affecting Hispanic, Chicano and Latino Diversity

ANTH 201 Latinas/os  in Contemporary American Society
CHST 101 Introduction to Chicano Culture
CHST 320 Chicano-Latino Politics in America
CHST 330 Latino Immigration to the United States
CMST 452 Cultural Studies
HIST 365 Latin American History
MGMT 424 Equity and Equality in the Workplace
PSYC 381 Social Psychology
PSYC 474 Cultural Psychology
PSYC 452 Social Influences
PSYC 481 Prejudice and Stereotyping
RCST 202 Race, Privilege and Power
RCST 330 Research Race and Culture
SOCI 482 Identity and Power
SPAN 312 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 476 Spanish Film and Cultural Trends
SOWK 470 Social Policy Analysis

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