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Campus Recreation

Thousands of students take part in campus recreation each quarter, and it's just another reason to love EWU.

Club Sports

Because we're a Division I school, most varsity student athletes are recruited by the athletics programs. That's why we have 33 club sports. When you're in a club sport, you take part in state, regional and national competitions. Want to ride horses? That's the equestrian club. Love ultimate frisbee? That's the ultimate club. Want to be a cheerleader? That's the cheer club. Want to ... well, you get the picture. And if we don't have the club you want: start it.

EPIC Adventures

You'll have the best Instagram photos. (Zip lines! Cliffs! Surfing! Mountaintops!) You'll travel the world. (Canada! Costa Rica! Mexico!) You'll learn to have adventures safely. (Impress your parents!) You can even join a Living Learning Community, which is just more proof that EPIC Adventures isn't so much a sport as it is a way of life.

Intramural Sports

Let's just say you couldn't find the club sport you wanted. Or that you weren't all that into whitewater rafting with EPIC Adventures. In that case you can choose from 55 intramural sports leagues. This includes volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, laser tag, paintball and more.

The Facilities

As an EWU student, you'll have a climbing wall, a gym, a pool, tons of basketball courts plus and a few things you won't find at any other college, including a Challenge Course (think Spiderman), an ice rink, an indoor track, racquetball courts, a wrestling room, a dance studio, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a sauna, an outdoor track, and the famous red turf. Did we mention the URC is LEED gold certified? You save the environment every time you work out, which means you get to feel good twice about your exercise.

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