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Jobs, Internships & Careers

Will you have a job when you graduate? We're glad you asked.

EWU excels at helping students find opportunities during college and after graduation, and EWU's Career Services continues to grow in order to provide you with more services, tools and strategies to land your first job after graduation. All new students should set up an appointment with Career Services to get on the right track to career success.

Perhaps most importantly, we're transparent about your opportunities in a tough economy. This sets us apart from most other universities in the state and in the country. In fact, you can find all the data at the Office of Institutional Research, Demography & Assessment. This data is based on the information of EWU graduates who respond to each year's annual survey of recent graduates. Approximately 10 percent of graduates respond to surveys.

So to answer your question: will you have a job after graduation? Probably, and EWU can help.

Jobs and Graduate School

  • 31-45% of EWU students find jobs before they graduate
  • 15-19% of EWU students go on to graduate school
  • Six months after graduation, 16% of the 2012 graduating class said they were still seeking employment
  • Two years after graduation, only 6% of EWU graduates are unemployed
  • Alumni have average incomes at or above the national average for graduates of public colleges

Internships and Career Preparation

  • 62-72% of EWU graduates reported having career-related work experience before they graduated
  • Internships and volunteer work are the most common career-related experiences for EWU students
  • 25-31% of EWU graduates found their first jobs through networking (EWU has the largest young professionals networking organization in the region)

Location, Location, Location

EWU is just 20 minutes from Spokane, the state's second largest city. That means you'll have opportunity to find internships, volunteer opportunities and work experience that's unavailable to students studying at colleges in rural communities far from a large metro area.

Research that Prepares You for Your Career

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

EWU sends more students to NCUR than any other university in the state, and in 2015 we're hosting this prestigious academic event. That means you'll have a chance to showcase your research on a national stage in front of peers and professors who care about the work you do.

Student Research and Creative Works Symposium

Every year at EWU, you'll have an opportunity to showcase research that you've worked on. Research you performed as part of one of your professor's projects? Check. A class project or a senior thesis that your professor wants you to take to the next level? Check. Whatever your project, this is a chance to work closely with your professor to refine your ideas and share them in a community of scholars.

Campus Leadership

Because EWU has just over 12,500 students, you'll have plenty of opportunity to find leadership positions on campus. Employers love to see that on your resume, and EWU students find ways to contribute to campus, the local community and the entire regional economy.

But we're not exactly small, either, which means you'll find lots of variety and options. There are more than 130 clubs and organizations and 88 club sports and intramural leagues at EWU, and community engagement grows each year.

Big enough to fit in, small enough to stand out. That's a good place to be.

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