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International FAQs

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Am I an international student?
  • You are likely an international student if you are a foreign citizen who does not have refugee or permanent legal status in the United States.
  • If you are currently in the United States and you have a visa other than F-1 or J-1 you should contact the Office of Admissions for Undergraduate Admissions information.
Where will I live?
Where can I apply for graduate admission?
If I pay the application fee by check or bank draft, who do I make it out to?
  • Make the $50 application fee payable to Eastern Washington University. Checks and bank drafts must use U.S. currency.
What if I can't get U.S. currency in my country for the application fee?
  • If you are unable to provide a check or bank draft in U.S. dollars, you are welcome to pay the application fee by credit card. Simply include a letter signed by the credit card holder which includes the student's name, the student's EWU ID (if assigned), the credit card number and expiration date, and the card holder's name and address.
  • Eastern accepts MasterCard and Visa credit card payments. A convenience fee of 2.75% of the payment amount will be charged per transaction.
Can I submit copies of my transcripts?
  • Students must submit original copies of all transcripts. Copies are only accepted if they have been certified by the student's countries government as official true documents. A seal of authenticity and signature must appear on the document. The seal and the signature cannot be copies.
Please give me some names of transcript evaluators?
How many university credits can I transfer to EWU?
  • Students are allowed to transfer up to 90 quarter hours (60 semester hours) to Eastern Washington University. Please remember that EWU has specific courses ALL students must take. In some cases, but not all, transfer credits will satisfy these requirements. Courses that do not satisfy a General Education Required Course will be transferred as elective credits.
Do I have to have my transcript evaluated?
  • Transcripts only need to be evaluated if you are planning on transferring credits from colleges or universities not located in the United States.
  • If you are not transferring college or university credits only submit official, original, and certified high school transcripts.
Who has to submit high school transcripts?
  • Students who are transferring from a high school must submit original high school transcripts.
  • College and university students with fewer than 40 quarter credits (27 semester credits) must submit original high school transcripts.
If I have studied in a non-U.S. institution do I have to submit transcripts?
  • Yes, you must submit your transcripts. If you wish to receive credit for any college or university courses you have taken at a non-U.S. institution, you must also have your transcripts evaluated.
What is an official financial document?
  • An official financial document is one that comes directly from the bank and has a seal of authenticity with a bank official's signature. It may also be a letter of sponsorship on official letterhead signed by the sponsor or sponsoring agent's representative.
How can I meet the English proficiency requirement?
  • You have three ways to meet the English proficiency requirement: passing a language exam, passing an approved language course or studying English at EWU. Learn more at the English proficiency requirement webpage.
How do I know if the TOEFL is offered in my area?
When do I register for campus housing?
  • The Admissions Office encourages students to apply for housing as soon as they have been admitted to Eastern Washington University. Visit the Housing and Residential Life website to learn more.
What is a "conditional student"?
  • A conditional student is an international student who has been admitted to Eastern Washington University but may not have met the English proficiency requirement. Visit the conditional admission webpage for more information.
What is a "non-degree seeking student"?
  • A non-degree seeking student is an international student who attends EWU for one year or less and is not attempting to obtain a degree.
What is a "U.S. transfer student"?
  • A U.S. transfer student is an international student who has been attending university or college in the United States and would like to transfer to Eastern Washington University. These students already have F-1 visa status.
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