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Transfer FAQs

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about transferring to EWU.

Can I still apply for the fall quarter after the Feb. 1 priority deadline?

Yes! You can apply for admission until Eastern closes the application window in the summer.

What EWU school code should I enter when I complete my ACT, SAT or FAFSA?

EWU's SAT school code: 4301
EWU's ACT school code: 4454
EWU's FAFSA school code: 003775

Is transferring a complicated process?

That depends. Are you starting early? Have you contacted us with your questions? If you're doing these things, you'll be fine.

On the other hand, if you put off preparing for transfer until the last minute, the process may seem overwhelming.

A successful transfer will require some regular effort on your part. Start planning for transfer as early as possible. Begin by working with advisors at your current school and any schools you are considering transferring to. Working together, you should be able to break the transfer process into easily manageable parts.

Are there advantages to earning an associate's degree and then transferring?

Eastern currently participates in transfer agreements with all community colleges in Washington and Oregon and specific community colleges in Idaho and Montana. Graduates of these colleges who complete the approved Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA or AAOT) degree satisfy the general education core requirements and are admitted to EWU with junior standing. If possible, you should complete your AA before transfering to EWU.

What do I need to know if I plan to transfer without earning an associate’s degree?

Your college transcripts will be evaluated on a course by course basis to see if an equivalent EWU course exists. This evaluation will determine which General Education Core Requirements have been fulfilled along with which classes will count towards a specific major or as electives.

Will my technical college credits transfer?

For your credits to transfer, your technical college must be regionally accredited, and EWU has to offer equivalent courses.

Most credits from technical colleges do not transfer to Eastern Washington University. You can learn more by using the transfer guide. If you have specific questions regarding transferability of courses, contact EWU Admissions at 509.359.2397.

What can I do if a course doesn't transfer?

Contact EWU Admissions at 509.359.2397 and speak with the credential evaluator who performed your transfer evaluation. For classes outside of EWUs GECRs, you would contact the specific department for clarification. Remember, developmental or remedial courses typically will not transfer.

How will credits transfer from a semester credit system to Eastern’s quarter credit system?

To convert semester credits to quarter credits, multiply semester credits by 1.5.


2 semester credits x 1.5 = 3 quarter credits
3 semester credits x 1.5 = 4.5 quarter credits

Do courses with grades of 'D' transfer?


When should I apply to transfer?

Use the priority deadlines to start your transfer planning.

Quarter You Want to StartPriority DeadlineFinal Application Deadline


Feb. 1

Varies based on application volume


Feb. 1

Dec. 1


Feb. 1

Feb. 1


Feb. 1

Two weeks before the start of summer classes

Remember, you must have an official college transcript sent directly from the institution where you completed your courses. If you transferred multiple times, you will need official transcripts from each institution. It can take colleges six to eight weeks to deliver transcripts, so make sure you request your transcripts early.

Do I need to talk to an academic adviser before transferring?

You can't set up an appointment with an academic adviser until you've confirmed your admission. Until you confirm, your best bet is to contact an admissions adviser at 509.359.2397.

If you've already confirmed your admissions and you have a major picked out, you can contact your academic department to make an appointment. If you've confirmed your admission but don't know what your major will be, you can call General Undergraduate Academic Advising at 509.359.2345.

Do I need to declare a major at the time of making application to the university? Does admission to EWU guarantee admission to a program?

Applying to a specific academic major is a separate process than applying to EWU. You can contact the academic program you are interested in and find out how the process works for applying to that major. Here's the full list of all academic departments.

Is there a minimum GPA required for my major?

Some majors require prerequisite courses or a minimum GPA for declaration and admission to the program. You can check Eastern's online catalog for specific major information. If you have unanswered questions, you should contact the specific department.

How does EWU calculate my transfer GPA?

We only use the GPA from your transferrable courses. For example, EWU doesn't accept transfer credit for remedial math. If you took remedial math, that grade would not be factored into your transfer GPA.

Is there a place where I can find what classes transfer between EWU and other colleges?

Definitely. The transfer guide provides information about classes that have transferred to EWU in the past.

After enrolling at EWU, may I still make up necessary courses at a community college?

Yes. If you choose to do this, you will need to submit a transcript from the community college after completion of the additional classes.

Can transfer students participate in athletics?

Typically yes, provided the student athlete meets NCAA eligibility requirements.

You should know that athletic eligibility can be very complicated. How complicated? So complicated EWU has special staff who work with student athletes to manage the process. To make sure you don't overlook part of the process, speak to officials in the athletic department at your current college and with your future coach at EWU. Your athletic program at EWU is responsible for making sure you meet NCAA requirements.

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