Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Join EWU President Mary Cullinan as she goes undercover for the love of Eastern…

Movie poster spoof text for film "Undercover Mary" with photos of President Cullinan, Swoop and other cast members

Special Thanks

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • President – Mary Cullinan
  • Chief of Staff – Sara Sexton-Johnson
  • Theatre Director – Jeffrey Sanders
  • Young Mary – Zoey Nelson
  • Roommate – Marta Heinen
  • Mascot – Swoop T. Eagle

Thank you to all our great EWU student and staff extras!


Produced for EWU by Marketing & Communications

  • Eric Galey, writer/director/videographer
  • Chris Thompson, cinematographer/editor
  • Ryan Gaard, graphic design supervisor, poster design
  • Delaney Umemoto, student designer, props