Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Alumni Scholarship Benefit

Are you an EWU alumnus with a college-age student? Discover an exclusive opportunity through the Alumni Legacy Scholarship. By simply checking a box on the EWU Scholarship application, your student can be considered for this prestigious scholarship (note: an award is not guarenteed). With one seamless application process, EWU distributes millions in scholarships annually to approximately 1,500 deserving students.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to support your legacy at EWU.

Application Process

Mark your calendars: the application opens November 1st, admission to EWU must be applied for by January 15th, and the scholarship deadline is February 1st. Scholarship review commences in late February, with notifications sent to recipients by late April.

Scholarship Application

The Benefits of the Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Cultivating Tradition

These scholarships honor the legacy of past graduates and encourages students to develop a deeper connection with their alma mater.

Building Community

Those who receive these scholarships often feel more proud and connected to their family's ties to the university.

Alumni Engagement

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship fosters a sense of continuity and community among alumni and the next generation of Eagles.

Student Impact

“As a Student, I have always strived to do my best and so far I believe it has shown through my academic achievements…this scholarship is important to me because it allows me to continue working towards my life goals and aspirations and will hopefully let me achieve my plans for the future.” – Ashley Ryan ’24


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