Priority Points Program

Introducing the New Eagle Priority Points Program

Eagle Priority Points were created to better reward all EWU Athletics donors regardless of what program or specific initiative they support. Eagle Priority Points calculate each fan’s affinity, loyalty, and financial support of EWU Athletics via numerous categories and metrics. Each category has an associated point value and is based on a fan’s history and activity. Every EWU fan’s Eagle Priority Point Total will be compared and ranked to all active accounts. The Eagle Priority Points program will be used for distributing and allocating new/additional season tickets, seat improvements/upgrades, assigning parking, and determining priority/access for postseason tickets and special events. 

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Loyalty Points Calculations

Consecutive Years of Season Tickets Purchased Per Sport

10 Points: Per Year, Per Spot

Each consecutive year of season tickets being purchased (account being active, since 2010) is rewarded 10 points. NOTE: If an account ceases to be active all accumulated points in this category are forfeited.

Consecutive Years of Giving to Eagle Athletic Fund

10 Points: Per Year

Individuals who contribute to the Eagle Athletic Fund, year in and year out, receive 10 points for each consecutive year of giving. (Minimum $100 donation per year starting in 2010). NOTE: Should an individual cease their giving, all accumulated points in this category are forfeited.

Season Tickets Purchased

2 Points: Per Season Ticket, Per Spot

Each season ticket purchased in the sports of football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball (since 2010) shall be awarded 2 points.

EWU Affinity Points Calculation

EWU Varsity Athletics Letter Winner

20 POINTS: Awarded One Time

Recognizing their contributions to the EWU family, EWU student-athletes embody the ideals of excellence in both athletics and academics and automatically receive a one-time award of 20 points, for up to two individuals per account, maximum 40 points. (5 additional points for joining the E-Club)

EWU Alumni

10 POINTS: Awarded One Time

Recognizing the athletics department role in the broader university community, individuals who have earned a degree from EWU automatically receive a one-time award of 10 points, for up to two individuals per account (20 points max).

EWU Employee or Retiree

10 POINTS: Awarded One Time

Honoring and thanking individuals who have served the university, current EWU employees as well as retirees automatically receive a one-time award of 10 points, for up to two individuals per account (20 points max).

Financial Support Points

Gifts to Stadium Renovation Project

10 POINTS: Per $100

All Gifts and signed pledges of $50,000 or more to the Stadium Renovation Project will receive a bonus 10 points for every $100 donated until completion of project. 

Current Year Gifts to Eagle Athletic Fund, Capital/Facility Projects* or Endowments

5 POINTS: Per $100

Unrestricted dollars given directly to the EAF for Scholarships and other projects, gifts to Capital/Facility Projects such as the Stadium Red Turf Project and, Funds used in perpetuity for scholarships with selections criterion of recipient determined by the donor. Receive 5 points for every $100 donated.

Current Year Gifts to Sport Excellence Funds

1 POINT: Per $100

Give to a respective sport program: Receive 1 point for every $100 donated.

All Historical Giving to EWU Athletics

1 POINT: Per $100

Eagle Priority Points rewards individuals for their past contributions and the opportunities they afforded previous student-athletes.: Receive 2 points per $100 of historical giving to Athletics dating back to 2000. This does not include stadium giving.

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