Eagle Athletic Fund

Your support helps EWU recruit talented athletes who can compete at the NCAA Division 1 level, while providing them with vital support as they earn their degrees.

About the EAF

Your donation to the Eagle Athletics Fund (EAF) allows our nearly 300 student-athletes to continue to excel at the highest level in the classroom, in competitions and in our communities. Financial support ensures student-athlete health and wellness, academic excellence and facilities that inspire continued growth.

We can’t do it alone. We need the GRIT of Eagle Nation to join the charge and raise money every year to provide more than $4 million in scholarships and support Eastern’s 14 sports programs, which need funding above and beyond what the EWU can allocate.

Ways to give:

  • One-time gift–paid in full at the time of the donation.
  • Monthly gifts–a recurring monthly gift on your credit card.
  • Multi-year pledge–contact the EAF.

For as little as $25 a year, you can join the EAF!

Areas of Support

Areas of Support

Choose which area you would like to support and join the EAF!

EAF Scholarships

Scholarships are essential for recruiting talented student-athletes. Their demanding schedules, which often include six days a week of practice and training, combined with classes, study time and community service, make it hard to work outside jobs.


Eagle Sport Excellence Funds

To compete at the highest levels, each of EWU’s 14 varsity athletic programs require additional financial support beyond their given budgets to pay for equipment, technology, team travel and meals, minor facility updates and more.


Stadium Renovation Fund

While the stadium’s location is almost perfect, what the fans find inside is not. Athletics facilities also drive ticket sales, helping to generate much-needed revenue for EWU Athletics. More info.


Athletic Director Excellence Fund

This fund supports all 14 Varsity Sports and allows EWU Athletics the flexibility to determine and direct funds to the greatest areas of need. Distributions are determined by the Director of Athletics.


EAF Member Benefits

By becoming a member, you will join a dynamic team of supporters who position EWU Athletics to succeed now and into the future.

EWU Athletics provides the following thank-you perks for our Eagle Athletic Fund members:

  • Invitations to special events
  • Discounts
  • Priority for ticket purchases
  • Tax deductions (contact your tax advisor)
  • Special gifts
  • Recognition
  • Exclusive access and information

As your level of support grows, so do your appreciation benefits. Membership levels range from $20 to $25,000 and above.

View the Member Benefits Chart

Major Giving

An endowed gift establishes a tradition of support for EWU Athletics, making an impact for years to come. A gift of $25,000 or more establishes a structure to support scholarships or operational funding for the department or a specific sport program. Endowments match donor passion with a specific need, while providing an opportunity to create a lasting legacy of competitive excellence to honor yourself or a loved one.

Create a lasting bond by including EWU Athletics in your overall tax, estate and financial plans. A representative will assist you with a plan to provide a legacy gift through established trusts, gift annuities, life insurance, retirement plans, stocks and/or real estate. By making a planned gift to EWU Athletics, you can maximize tax savings while making a profound impact for Eastern’s student-athletes and athletics programs.

  • Estate/Bequest Gifts – Include EWU Athletics in your will by designating a specific dollar amount, percentage of your estate, or remainder of your estate to a chosen department or sport program.
  • Beneficiary Designations – Name EWU Athletics as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, IRA or other qualified retirement plan.
  • Additional Long-Term Gift Options – Consider EWU Athletics when planning your charitable lead trusts, remainder trusts and gift annuities.

Individuals and businesses can contribute goods and/or services to EWU Athletics to help offset expenses. This includes advertising, food, beverages, apparel, merchandise, transportation, courtesy cars, hotel accommodations, office supplies, electronics and other in-kind gifts. These gifts are considered at fair market value and must be approved by the Eagle Athletic Fund for use as a tax deduction. Gift-In-Kind contributions are eligible for most Eagle Athletic Fund membership benefits.

Eagle Athletic Fund donors who commit to giving at least $5,000 or more a year for 5 years (a total of $25,000 or more) receive these EWU Founders Circle gratitude benefits:

  • Tax deduction (consult your tax advisor)
  • The chance to connect with your assigned student-athlete throughout the year (organized by the Eagle Athletic Fund), including a one-on-one lunch on campus and other engagement opportunities
  • Invitations to the Spring Dinner, hosted for all Founders Circle donors with their Eagle students

Major gifts are transformational for EWU Athletics – helping us advance the program and plan ahead for long-term success. Gifts of $5,000 or more, given annually, as major gifts.

Here are some options that are considered major gifts:

  • Eagle Endowments
  • Eagle Planned Giving
  • Eagle Gift-In-Kind
  • Eagle Founders Circle

Our EAF representatives are excited to sit down with you, or talk over the phone, to learn about your passions and how they align with our giving opportunities. Call 509.359.6399 or email eafassistant@ewu.edu to learn more.

The Impact of Scholarships

Anthany Smith is a business management major who balances a full class schedule and trips to the library, where he spends up to five hours at a time studying, with four-plus hours of practice and training six days a week.  These demanding schedules leave no time to work an outside job. That is why the EAF is so important in providing scholarships. Hardworking athletes like Anthany Smith bring an infectious energy to the Eastern’s NCAA Division 1 athletics while increasing the university’s visibility.  Read more about Anthany.

“I appreciate people taking a chance on me and giving me this opportunity.”

-Anthany Smith

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