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The EKG Society, established in 2023, is to honor donors who embody the qualities and characteristics of the student-athletes – EKG’S – we recruit here at Eastern. Our EKG’S achieve greatness by displaying the 3 G’s in everything they do:  Grit, Grace, and Gratitude. Donors who join the EKG Society embody those same 3 G’s and display a fourth through their financial commitment to the program: Generosity. 

To be a member of this group EWU Athletics is asking for gifts that are a minimum of $25,000 and can be paid over a five-year period. Members of the EKG Society will be differentiated from other EAF donors with access to special events, invited engagement with the Athletic Director and Head Coaches, and on-the-field experiences.

Area’s of Support

How it Works

EKG Society members help the EAF fulfill our mission of providing a top-tier student-athlete experience.

With your pledge of $25,000 to join the EKG Society, you choose the area you want to support:

  • Athletic Director’s Discretionary Fund to help with operational needs
  • Scholarships/endowments to a specific sport 
  • Capital projects 

If the donor specifies that their gift goes strictly towards scholarships – either annually or endowed – then they will also receive an experiential opportunity with our student-athletes. Our goal will be to connect the donor with the student-athlete they are supporting to help create a level of engagement and relationship that will last a lifetime. This experience will be a true connector with the donor and the student-athlete as allowed per NCAA rules.

Capital gifts help fund facilities that many times serve as the home away from home for students and coaches. They train, practice, compete, eat, rest, recuperate, and learn in these spaces. Facilities also help shape the game day experience for fans and act as engagement hubs for our university. The role and impact of facility enhancement is immense and must be funded through private contributions. Current prioritized facility projects are the Roos Field Stadium Renovation; replacement of the playing floor in Reese Court; renovation of locker rooms; and the building of a nutrition station that will accommodate all 14 sports.  

Join the EKG Society

EKG Society Benefits That You May Receive:

Pregame Sideline Passes for
Two Football Home Games

Away Game Travel with
Football Team

Exclusive Customized
Eagle Athletics Experience

Meal Opportunity with coach,
AD or Athletes

Honorary Team Captain at
Home FB or MBB game

Help EKG Society Fulfill our Mission

You can give now online or use the form below to make your pledge of support, a member of our team will contact you and discuss your donation preferences.

EKG Society Contact

If you're interested in joining the EKG Society, or would like more information please contact us.

Rickie Alvarez

Rickie Alvarez

Director of Philanthropy Athletics | 509.359.4860


Rich Rasmussen

Rich Rasmussen

Director of Philanthropy Athletics | 509.359.7034