About the EWU Alumni Association

If You’re an Eagle, You’re In!

The EWU Alumni Association (EWUAA) is a 501(c)(3) organization led by a volunteer board that serves as a link for alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the community through our communication, service, and programs. The EWUAA works in partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations to continue to strengthen the bond between the alumni and the university.

Membership is conferred to all persons holding degrees, certificates, and diplomas from the university; an individual is also eligible for membership if they have completed 15 credit hours. You are automatically enrolled for free into the EWUAA upon graduation and invited to join us in our activities!

Do You Bleed RED?

EWU Alumni Association members do. We are:

Rich with Eagle pride.

Engaged with each other and our alma mater.

Determined to give back to students and EWU.

Our Mission

  • We will endeavor to promote an enduring legacy of pride, loyalty, and commitment to the university and to facilitate meaningful relationships between Eastern Washington University and its constituencies.
  • We will support, enhance, and promote the mission and roles of the whole university.
  • We are committed to financial transparency. Read our Form 990 EZ.
To accomplish these, we will serve as a link for alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the community through our communication, service, programs, leadership, and involvement.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We celebrate all alumni, honoring the unique perspectives and ideas that come from more than 120,000 EWU graduates. We acknowledge the richness of each individual’s journey and the impact of their accomplishments in their communities.

Our alumni serve as role models for one another and a diverse student body. We aspire to be supportive and inclusive of all Eagles by:

  • Bringing alumni together to celebrate and share their unique Eastern stories.
  • Making decisions with diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in mind.
  • Ensuring the makeup of our board of directors mirrors, to the best of our ability, the diversity of our alumni, and student populations.
  • Planning events that are appealing and accessible to as many of our alumni as possible.
  • Seeking ways to help alumni gather and network with fellow Eagles who share interests, experiences, and needs.
  • Engaging alumni throughout the country, both online and in-person.