Board of Directors

Our Board

The EWU Alumni Association is led by a board of passionate Eags who volunteer their time to connect with and engage current and future alumni in fun activities, projects, and programs. We are die-hard Eags, and we’ve got the stories and pictures to prove it!

Past PresidentsCurrent Board Demographics

Executive Committee

Nate Peters `16

St. Martin's University
Photo of Nate Peters `16

Rhonda Stevenson '88

Vice President
California Beer and Beverage Distributors
Photo of Rhonda Stevenson '88

Tom Kimball `81

Photo of Tom Kimball `81

Lauren Smith '16

Alaska Airlines
Photo of Lauren Smith '16

Board Members

Kelsey Berg `14

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LGPA)
Photo of Kelsey Berg `14

Cola Boyer '20

Coeur D'Alene Tribe
Photo of Cola Boyer '20

Johnathan Davis `11

Proctor & Gamble
Photo of Johnathan Davis `11

Marianne Duong `06

Starbucks Coffee Company
Photo of Marianne Duong `06

Scott Fletcher '93

Keller Supply
Photo of Scott Fletcher '93

Ryan Forney '10

Photo of Ryan Forney '10

Cara Hernandez `09, `12

Tri-Cities Chaplaincy
Photo of Cara Hernandez `09, `12

Jessie Miller '18

Numerica Credit Union
Photo of Jessie Miller '18

Raynee Miller '92

Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Center
Photo of Raynee Miller '92

Isaac Reed '18, '20

South Coast Behavioral Health
Photo of Isaac Reed '18, '20

John Rice '11

RAVN Realty Group
Photo of John Rice '11

James Wilson '09

nOps, Inc.
Photo of James Wilson '09

Amanda Williams '17

Inland Imaging
Photo of Amanda Williams '17

Past Presidents

Term ServedNameEWU Alum
2023-Nate Peters16
2021-2023Stacey Rasmussen'04
2017-2021Jeff Stannard'91
2016-2017Kelleye Heydon'95
2014-2016Tom Capaul'94
2012-2013Gina Mauro-Campbell'90
2010-2011Kevin Linn'88
2008-2010Fran Bierig'76
2006-2008Von Klohe'88
2004-2006Doug Kelley'83
2002-2004Terri Hayman'85
2000-2002Ray Johnson'78
1999-2000W.C. (Cam) Buffington'74
1998-1999Spencer F. Sherwood'69
1997-1998Jack L. Fallis Jr.'89
1995-1997Kerry D. Lynch'75
1994Margaret (Mickey) Alferez'77
1993Sally W. Cole'47
1991-1992Shanon L. Lynch'78
1990-1991Jeff B. Skeesick'70
1989-1990Karen K. Raver'76
1988-1989Jan Plester'71
1986-1988John W. Fishback'66
1985-1986Robert G. Headstrom'70
1983-1985Mark E. Dahlen'76
1981-1982Donna M. Roloff'67
1980-1981C. Lynn Smith'68
1979-1980Willard A. Hatch'65
1978-1979Allen C. Wetzel'64
1977-1978Helen L. Liberg'61
1976-1977Richard O'Dell'60
1975-1976John C. Schuster'67
1974-1975Richard D. Soss'58
1973-1974Charles E. Hafner'56
1972-1973Walter J. Schaar'57
1971-1972William E. Nye'47
1970-1971Anton Rasmussen'51
1969-1970Robert C. Lincoln'49
1968-1969William V. Hinchliffe'50
1967-1968Leroy D. Buckley'50
1966-1967Alvie L. Shaw'48
1965-1966R. Gene Hoon'50
1964-1965Laurence D. Jones'55
1963-1964Ray A. Conrath'55
1962-1963Robert K. Carlton'51
1961-1962John H. Lothspeich'48
1960-1961Helen Allen'51
1959-1960(John) Donald Gibbs'50
1958-1959Merrill R. Smith'49
1957-1958Alvin M. Janssen'42
1956-1957Lloyd Rainwater'53
1955-1956Richard Heimbinger'51
1954-1955Ernest R. Fox'41
1953-1954Abe Miller'37
1952-1953Marvin E. Shadduck'41
1951-1952Leslie (Lee) Wollin'78
1950-1951Edward E. Anderson'47
1949-1950Leonard West'39
1948-1949Clarence O. Pence'31
1947-1948Albert (Bert) Pierce'34
1946-1947George Dyer'34