EWUAA Board Member Highlight

Kelsey Berg '14

CURRENT POSITION: Senior Manager, Marketing, Sales & Membership

  1. Why did you want to join the EWUAA Board? I joined the EWUAA Board to be able to contribute back to the school that has done so much for me. Not only did I believe that I could bring unique ideas to the board to help the growth and future enrollment at EWU but I wanted to be a part of something that allowed me to be more hands on and involved with Eastern at a deeper level. What better way than to join the Alumni Board and collaborate with other Eagles all over the world!
  2. How did Eastern prepare you for the work you do now? Eastern allowed me to grow in so many different facets of my life. Working on-campus in dining services with a relevant role to prepare me for my future designing dining hall material and posting on the social channels allowed me to really dive in and get my feet wet into my career. I also worked with EWU Athletics RED Program helping to develop design materials and beyond. From my work experience on campus to my classes that prepared me for what to expect in the “real world”, I owe a huge amount of where I am today to the professors, mentors and friends I was lucky enough to have met while at EWU.
  3. Rosa’s cheesy bread or Eagle Punch? That is a tough question… but Rosa’s Cheesy Bread – hands down! It was on my menu at least 2x a week while at EWU.
  4. What was your favorite part of your time at Eastern? I loved so many things about my time at EWU from the class sizes to the student events, but my all-time favorite were the Athletics. I went to almost every football game, dozens of other sporting events from basketball to soccer to volleyball and so many others. I think the sports community around our school is very special and really allowed me to make so many friends from other parts of Eastern and lifelong travel partners for EWU football games today!
  5. What is your favorite thing about Eastern today? I love how much EWU’s campus has grown. It still feels like the same college I went too but I love the modernization and evolution of the campus. I think it is beautiful… and it’s nice to see the squirrels are still very people friendly!