EWUAA Board Member Highlight


Stacey Rasmussen `04

CURRENT EMPLOYER: Spokane Community College/ Westside Farms, Inc.
CURRENT POSITION: Adjunct Faculty / Owner/President

  1. Why did you want to join the EWUAA Board? My time at EWU was a defining moment in my life, one that I loved tremendously. I wanted to give my time and service back to both the current students and all the other alumni that support EWU.
  2. How did Eastern prepare you for the work you do now? Eastern prepared me to ALL of the work I have done and will do. It provided a foundation of knowledge and skills that have been underlying at every job; provided connections to help further different careers; and provided the resources and tools to help me be adaptable and successful in any endeavor.
  3. Rosa’s cheesy bread or Eagle Punch? Not the cheesy bread, just straight up Rosa’s breadsticks.
  4. What was your favorite part of your time at Eastern? My time at Eastern was shaped by the extracurricular activities I participated in like Eagle Ambassadors and the friendships made over late night ice cream from Mo-street Café & Rosa’s Pizza.
  5. What is your favorite thing about Eastern today? I love seeing Eastern change with the times but still keep the atmosphere that I know and love. We really are small school at heart and students are given a generous level of support and individual attention while also receiving a high caliber education.