On the Road

Where will Eastern magazine be spotted next? Share a photo of you, our latest issue and the details of where your travels have taken you. Send to easternmagazine@ewu.edu.


On a day that seemed not-at-all terrifying, Matt ’80 and Linda Portch ’80 visited Romania’s Bran Castle, the foreboding, 13th-century fortification that author Bram Stoker famously depicted in his novel Dracula.


During a trip to Germany in August, Danielle Kilian, ’00 and David Kilian ’02 took time out to admire Schamil Gimajev’s “Wir Sind Ein Volk” (We are One People), a mural that makes up part of an art friendly, 1300-meter section of the Berlin Wall.


Even though he’s not a golfer, Kevin Hasslinger ’98 brought his appropriately themed magazine along to Dromoland Castle in County Clair, Ireland, a world-class resort and golfing destination.


In September, Ayla DeLaat ’13 and Mitchell Nelson ’14 enjoyed two weeks of travel in Japan, where, among other highlights, they visited the Himeji Castle in Hyōgo Prefecture.


Clay Breshears ’83 own excursion to Japan involved attending 10 Nippon Professional Baseball matchups in 10 different stadiums. Between games he somehow found the time to tour Osaka Castle, one Japan’s most famous landmarks.


Casey Picha ’13 visited Mo’orea, a volcanic island in French Polynesia, earlier this year. The photo’s background, he says, depicts the coastline of nearby Tahiti: “If you love snorkeling or diving, this is the place to go!”


Doug Kelley ’83 visited the Universidade do Porto during a recent trip to Porto, Portugal.


On a cold, cloudy day this summer, Greg ’86 and Sharla Austin ’86 took a tram from Zermatt, Switzerland to experience the spectacularly glaciated peaks surrounding the Matterhorn.


Members of the Estrellado family (pictured from left to right), Marcie ’89, Benji ’87, Jon ’88, Jose ’86 and Tracy ’87, display their Eagle pride on a sunny August afternoon on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


Eagle fans Dan Hovanes ’68, Carol Williams Hovanes ’68 and Jim Williams ’69 traveled to U. S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for the opening game of the Eags’ 2023 football season.


Paul Stredwick ’79 spent part of his November perusing his magazine at a resort in Negril, Jamaica. “Two weeks on a beach, in a hammock, with people bringing food and drinks all day,” he said. “That’s the way it’s supposed to be!”