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Mysteries of the Microbiome

A prominent EWU scientist and his students, Marcos Monteiro among them, explore new ways of thinking about a devastating neurodegenerative disease. By Charles E. Reineke Thanks to advances in genetic sequencing technology, the human gut microbiome — that vast ecosystem of bacteria and other… [Read more]
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Joy and Growth

Eastern physical therapy students learn by assisting little ones in need. By Eastern Magazine Watching children grow, play and learn is a timeless joy. It’s a pleasure made even more palpable when kids with developmental delays and disabilities are doing these things with the… [Read more]
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Art and Science

A colorful celebration of discovery now enlivens the Science Building. By Eastern Magazine Even as the new Interdisciplinary Science Center rises next door, the old Science Building at EWU remains a vital center for learning and discovery. It is also now a destination for… [Read more]
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Brave New Communications

Augmented reality gives prospective students a window into all things Eastern. By Eastern Magazine Plopped down among EWU’s Cheney Hall, the Science Building and the Computing and Engineering Building is a small storage structure that in recent years has come to lead something of… [Read more]
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Beauty Wild and Untrammeled

Can Eastern Restore a Long-Lost Patch of Prairie? By Charles E. Reineke In the days before the land was plotted, plowed and paved, the patch of Palouse prairie that EWU calls home was part of a wild, magnificent landscape; a terrestrial ocean of sun-kissed… [Read more]

A Next-Generation Science Star Steps Up

Earlier this year Marcos Monteiro, a molecular biology student at EWU, earned the university’s first-ever Goldwater Scholarship. Think of it as the start of something big. By Leilah Langley When he arrived in the United States from Brazil six years ago, Marcos Monteiro started… [Read more]

For the Love of Lichen

June 4, 2019

Thanks to an intrepid Eastern researcher, an ‘odd organism’ gets its turn in the spotlight. By Charles E. Reineke She is a renowned star of stage and screen, a media mogul and philanthropist. It is a previously unidentified “symbiotic organism formed by close cooperation… [Read more]