Funding to ensure
students stay in school.

Help us Keep Eagles on the Path to Degree Completion

Eastern’s promise to create upward socio-economic mobility for students is met with one of the toughest challenges our Eagles face: Ensuring they stay in school and earn their degree. Now, more than ever, EWU must address the retention challenge head-on. To provide our hard-working students with the backing they need to keep flying, Eastern has developed this signature student support plan.

Why Students Stop Out: Unmet Financial Need

Unmet financial need is causing too many students to drop out or temporarily stop out. And the need is not always great. For some students, it can be only a few hundred dollars.

The tipping point—when we find most students quit—is about $4,600 in unmet costs.

Stop out rate increases the closer students
get to graduation:

  • Year 1 to 2 retention 70.1%
  • Year 2 to 3 retention 58.3%
  • Year 3 to 4  retention 48.4%


Student Expenses

For many students, the annual cost of tuition, books and living expenses is more than they can afford. For students who live on campus, their financial aid isn’t always enough to cover housing and meals—the most expensive part of their bill.

In-state Tuition








Eastern’s Targeted Support Plan

Every Eagle starts their journey with a plan and a goal. But then “life” happens.
With your help, we can increase direct aid to students in two targeted areas—keeping Eagles on the path to success.

Soaring Eagle Scholarships

Awarded to juniors and seniors who also work and show determination to earn a degree.

Experiential Learning Funding

Makes career-boosting opportunities like internships and conferences accessible.

Soaring Eagle Scholarships

Because students’ unmet need increases the closer they get to graduation, the Soaring Eagle Scholarship Fund helps juniors and seniors persist and earn a degree. These scholarships are designed for students who are not eligible for Pell Grant funding and are showing “grit” while working their way through college.

Elsa Chávez, a first-generation college student, earned a Soaring Eagle Scholarship. She says without scholarship support she wouldn’t be at Eastern.

More than anything, these scholarships have significantly reduced the financial strain on my family and I,” Elsa says. “I have been blessed by the support of scholarship donors and my hope is that more students can continue to accomplish their academic goals here with scholarship help.

With your help, this fund can grow into a legacy endowment that will support students in perpetuity.

Experiential Learning Funding

This fund supports important experiential learning opportunities like internships, leadership conferences, faculty/student research and other career-focused activities. Living expenses can make these experiences unattainable for some students. Support helps them build professional skills that intersect learning with community connection.

Narya Naillon received an internship stipend to help her cover expenses while she interned in human resource management at Spokane Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP).

I have had the privilege of getting many opportunities at hands-on experience and I feel that I have learned so much through the tasks and responsibilities I’ve encountered,” Narya says. “I’m so grateful for the funding that allowed me to put my full efforts into my, and SNAP’s, development.”

Please Join Us

We are stepping up for our students to get them over the goal line and on to a life of success and impact.

Support Thus Far

  • $1.3 million pledge from the Krumble Foundation
  • $125,000 pledge from EWU Interim President Dr. David May and Dr. Monica Blykowski-May