Staff Directory

Vice President's Office

Barb Richey

Vice President; Executive Director
University Advancement; EWU Foundation
Photo of Barb Richey

Nancy Delgado

Executive Assistant
University Advancement
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Laura Thayer

Associate Vice President for Philanthropy and Campaign Engagement
Photo of Laura Thayer

Kaarin Appel

Director of Philanthropy
College of Social Sciences; College of Health Sciences & Public Health
Photo of Kaarin Appel

Dennis Hake

Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Photo of Dennis Hake

Ed Hoffman

Director of Philanthropy
Academic Programs/Athletics
Photo of Ed Hoffman

Courtney Susemiehl

Director of Gift Planning
Photo of Courtney Susemiehl

Pat Spanjer

Director of Development Communications & Stewardship
Photo of Pat Spanjer

Ken Tucker

Director of Philanthropy
College of Business
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Advancement Services

John Drexel

Director of Advancement Services

Mark Baker

Data Specialist
Photo of Mark Baker

Christina Blum

Foundation Gift Processor
Photo of Christina Blum

John Carter

Data Management
Photo of John Carter

Shannon Carter

Foundation Accounts Payable Processor
Photo of Shannon Carter

Kelli Hills

Research & Prospect Management Specialist
Photo of Kelli Hills

Melanie Mercer

Data & Prospect Research Coordinator

Sara Waugh

Foundation Gift Processor
Photo of Sara Waugh

Marketing & Communications

Lance Kissler

Associate Vice President of University Relations
Photo of Lance Kissler

Ginny Baxter

Visual Designer
Photo of Ginny Baxter

Sam Buzby

Director of Marketing
Photo of Sam Buzby

Ryan Gaard

Graphic Design Supervisor
Photo of Ryan Gaard

Eric Galey

Multimedia Supervisor
Photo of Eric Galey

Will Hall

Senior Web Developer
Photo of Will Hall

Karinna Hemenway

Digital Content Strategist
Photo of Karinna Hemenway

Melodie Little

Advancement Communications Specialist
Photo of Melodie Little

Dave Meany

Director of Communications & Media Relations
Photo of Dave Meany

Charles Reineke

Senior Writer/Editor
Photo of Charles Reineke

Shelley Stickelmeyer

Quality Service Coordinator
Photo of Shelley Stickelmeyer

Chris Thompson

Multimedia Specialist
Photo of Chris Thompson

Alumni Advancement

Kelsey Hatch-Brecek

Director of Alumni Relations
Photo of Kelsey Hatch-Brecek

Adriana Berndt

Assistant Director of Alumni Programs
Photo of Adriana Berndt

Stephanie Wetzel

Assistant Director of Communications & Events
Photo of Stephanie Wetzel