Student Scholarships

Identifying great potential is not enough, we must see it through. With your help, we create a richer student experience both in and out of the classroom—and throughout the completion of a degree program.

Student Scholarships

When you support student scholarships…

  • you start a path of success. Scholarships give students a support system to achieve their educational goals.
  • you provide security. Students of all income levels can focus on their studies, internships, research projects and volunteer opportunities rather than working to finance their education.
  • you transform generations. For a student with the greatest need, a scholarship can change the life trajectory of an entire family.

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How Your Scholarship Dollars Help EWU Students

“Receiving this scholarship will allow me to focus on my practicum and student teaching. These are almost full-time jobs in themselves; especially student teaching. I want to give my full heart and soul to my students to provide them with the best experience possible. This scholarship will help me succeed at a lifetime of giving.”

—Sarah Tiffany ‘19

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