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A new era for EWU programs in Spokane.

Catalyst Building

Located conveniently in the heart of Spokane, the Catalyst Building is one of Spokane’s first zero-energy, zero-carbon building.

Eastern is a key economic driver that is ever committed to advancing the creative and technological vitality of the region. Eastern expanded into the state-of-the-art Catalyst building giving students and faculty the space and proximity to work directly with local business and industry experts.

These robust public-private partnerships get to the heart of Eastern’s work as a leading technology school in that state of Washington.


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Support for EWU at the Catalyst Building

This project was made possible by a generous $5 million dollar gift from the McKinstry Charitable Foundation and the Avista Foundation

Itron and STCU have made significant gifts to programs at Catalyst providing resources for student research and creative work. With the STCU Innovation Lobby and the Itron Innovation Hub, these companies promote experiential learning programs for EWU students enrolled in programs at the Catalyst. Experiential learning builds workforce skills and prepares students to strengthen businesses and communities through creativity and innovation.

For more opportunities, donations, or other ways to support the project contact the EWU Foundation.

Innovation HUB Signage located inside the catalyst. Photo: EWU Design

About the Eco District

The innovative shared energy model, called an Eco-District, interconnects buildings in a grid-friendly manner that supports reliable and affordable clean-energy now and into the future. More.

Utility providers and building designers must partner to transform buildings into valuable assets that serve the energy grid and the broader community. The Catalyst provides a sustainable solution.


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Laura Thayer

Associate Vice President for Philanthropy and Campaign Engagement