Cedric Bradley Makes Positive Connections

Cedric Bradley

The mission statement of Eastern Washington University is to “expand opportunities for personal transformation.” No one exemplifies that transformation more than graduate student Cedric Bradley. Cedric’s Eastern journey began when he met Dr. Scott Finnie, senior faculty member and former director of Africana Studies. At the time, Cedric was a single, homeless, father of four children, who was determined to pursue an education and a better life for his family. Finnie’s passion for student growth inspired Cedric to develop a personalized course of Interdisciplinary Study in Africana Studies and Communications.

Professionally, Cedric translated a passion for making an impact into peer support work, helping men of color and the previously incarcerated. He also served as the criminal justice chair for the Spokane NAACP. As his accomplishments grew, so did his sense of fulfillment as a husband and father – who moved his wife and children first into a one-bedroom apartment and then into a larger home.

Cedric established his own nonprofit enterprise, Family Community Services, to assist unsheltered people in securing housing, and created The Hope Club to provide services for people living at Camp Hope, the state of Washington’s largest unsheltered community. He has worked with other community programs, WISE and Rising Strong, before accepting his current position of Director of Housing at Passages Family Support.

While completing his graduate degree, Cedric also mentors low-income students beginning their own journeys at EWU. In addition, he is now a father of five children – ages 7 to 15 – who have a parent and role model to guide toward their own achievements. Cedric says his goal throughout his personal challenges has been “trying to figure out how to help others and connect with people.” At one time, he recalls, it was hard to trust others. At Eastern, he says he “felt connected to positive people he could trust.”