Student Emergency Fund Gives Joy When Students Need it Most

During winter break, an EWU student traveled home for the holidays. A medical emergency caused the need for an expensive MRI. An unexpected event like that can create hopelessness and more debt for students. Without help from the Student Emergency Fund (SEF), many students facing daunting financial challenges would choose to drop out of EWU and the pursuit of their dreams.

For the past two challenging years, Fiscal Specialist Judy Miller in EWU’s Student Accounting Department has handled requests for emergency help from 15-20 students each month. Throughout the pandemic, the donor-supported SEF has been there for students who qualify for limited, one-time financial assistance when they are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of a temporary emergency.

“I can’t explain how grateful I am for this computer. It will be a complete change for my studies,” a senior majoring in environmental science wrote to Miller after receiving a laptop from SEF.

“I always think about how I can best help students and not say, ‘No’,” Miller said. “People have donated to the Student Emergency Fund for a reason. Students are the reason.”

Your gift today to the Student Emergency Fund will bring joy to students when they need it most.


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