Video Overviews & Kit Images for Mics, Speakers & Voice Recorder

Whether you are first-timer or a seasoned user, these video overviews can teach you tricks and tips in equipment use.

Use kit listing images to ensure you have all the gear associated with your equipment at the time of check-out, and to ensure that you have all the parts together for a complete return.

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Icicle Mic Adaptor

Snowball Mic

Troubleshooting: Connecting Snowball Mic

2013/2015 Dell laptop:

Plug into the laptop
Windows installer automatically installs drivers for the mic
Once completed, right click on the speakers icon
Select Recording Devices
Check for Microphone Blue Snowball
Right Click on Microphone Blue Snowball and set as default
Mac laptop:

Plug into laptop
Go to the Applications folders
Select System Preferences
Find and select the Sound option
From the three options at the top of the window, select the Input tab
Select the Blue Snowball option

Sennheiser & Azden Lapel Mic #1, #2

Sennheiser & Azden Lapel Mic #3, #4

Sennheiser & Azden Lapel Mic #3, #4


Voice Recorders

Handy Recorder H4n

Sony IC Recorder ICD-SX712