Equipment Checkout


If you’ve paid your quarterly student tech fee you can borrow student-tech-fee-funded equipment during academic quarters.

Bring your Eagle I.D. to Equipment Checkout Services (ECS) on the lower level of JFK. Read & sign the user loan agreement (available via printable PDF below or on-site).

User Loan Agreement Form PDF

Equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, with no renewals, and is due by closing time of the due date. Borrowers are subject to overdue, repair and replacement fines.

Equipment Catalog


FAQs and Equipment Checkout Policies

Equipment is not rented. It’s loaned. Equipment costs are covered by the mandatory Student Tech Fee paid by all currently enrolled students.

Only you are allowed to checkout equipment using your current Eagle ID with a clear, viewable photo. Although not recommended, you can have a friend return your equipment for you. However, if the equipment gets damaged, lost, or stolen while in the possession of a friend, you are still responsible for the equipment and all associated costs.

For troubleshooting services, please call 509.359.7893 or view the equipment overviews below.

Borrowing two different types of equipment simultaneously is permitted.  However, borrowing more than one of the same type of equipment is not permitted. For example:

  • Camera + Laptop = Permitted
  • Laptop + Laptop = Not Permitted

Due to limited quantities and high demand, equipment is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call 509.359.7893 or visit the JFK equipment checkout desk to see what’s available.

Equipment checkout is cosponsored by EWU Libraries, the Multimedia Commons (MMC), and the EWU Student Tech Fee Committee (STFC).

Eligible users: Currently enrolled EWU students whom have paid the quarterly tech fee.

Rationale: The equipment funded through the STFC is not to be used to support faculty or staff activities, or ongoing classroom technological support. Funding for checkout equipment is made possible by the STFC grant awards, and as such is governed by RCW 28B.15.051.

The Libraries and the MMC operate a loan service integrated with existing library services. Policies and procedures are jointly among the STFC and the EWU Libraries.


  • Current EWU students may use equipment on a first come, first serve basis. Students are guided by the borrowing agreement that each must sign, and the University Acceptable Use policy for electronic equipment and media.
  • Due to limited equipment and high demand, renewals are not permitted. Other equipment, made available by other means and funding, if available at the time of return, may be borrowed.
  • Students are subject to overdue fines, replacement costs and other sanctions as outlined by the EWU Libraries, as well as the laws and administrative code of Washington State governing the use of state property.
  • In general, students are limited to one of each kind of equipment per ID card.
  • Student Tech Fee Funded equipment is for student use only as per RCW 28B.15.051 which stipulates that the technology fee monies be used “exclusively for technology resources for general students use.”
  • Use of Student Tech Fee funded equipment is not available for faculty and staff use. Student-funded equipment is not intended to support administrative or athletic activities.
  • There is no equipment checkout anytime the automated library system becomes unavailable, such as during a power outage.


  • Current EWU ID and payment of Student Tech Fee are required. In case of obscured, damaged or missing picture on the EWU ID, an additional picture ID will be requested. This additional ID will not serve as a substitute for the EWU ID for check-out purposes.
  • A check-out agreement will be provided and signature by the patron will confirm his or her knowledge and acceptance of policies and patron obligations.

Sanctions and Charges on Overdue Equipment:

  • All borrowing transactions are subject to the Libraries’ Borrowing policies.
  • Fines and sanctions are not intended as replacement funds, but rather as an incentive for timely and safe return of all borrowed equipment. See our “Fines, Fees, and Damages” policy for more information.
  • Fines structure:
    • All fines are non-returnable.
    • For each day a piece of equipment is overdue, the patron will be charged $20 per major item up to a maximum fine of $140.
    • Equipment items under $200 in value will be charged $10 a day, for a maximum $70.
    • After the seven days, the patron will be charged a maximum fine of $140, replacement costs, and a $25 non-refundable service fee.
    • If an item has been overdue for more than seven days, the charges and patron information will be sent to EWU’s Student Financial Service to be billed for replacement plus all fines and the service fee.
    • Cords, batteries and other accessories will also be billed if not returned before seven days of overdue status.
    • At the time of billing, the patron’s name may be turned over to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibility as an infraction due to a student’s failure to comply with the policy on student behavior. The Libraries restrict borrowing privileges of any person having been billed for equipment.
    • If the equipment is returned in good condition after the point of replacement billing (but within 90 days of the billing date), the replacement cost will be subtracted from the borrower’s library and university accounts. Fines and service charges are not refunded. Replacement refunds are not issued after 90 days from the billing date.
  • Notices will be sent as follows:
    • Warning notice the 1st day overdue
    • Overdue notice the 3rd day overdue
    • Final notice or notice of replacement billing the 8th day overdue

Contact Equipment Checkout Services

Equipment Checkout Services Desk

Michael Nelson

Circulation Manager