Supervised Test Taking Proctoring at JFK

Test proctoring appointments for EWU students are scheduled Sunday – Thursday, beginning at 2 p.m. and ending at 6 p.m.

In order to be scheduled, EWU instructors must complete and return the form. Students may initiate a proctoring request by completing the student portion and providing to his/her/their instructor.

  • Instructors may submit completed forms via:
    • Email: include the exam as an attachment, to
    • Hand-delivery: bring the form and exam materials, to the JFK Circulation Desk, Attention: Proctoring Services.
  • Completed forms must be received at least three weekdays prior to the desired testing date window.
  • Proctoring staff will contact the student to schedule the testing appointment, and inform the student of testing location, procedures, and requirements.
  • If a student is accompanied by, or has plans to be accompanied by, a minor or family member requiring his/her/their supervision during the testing period, a private proctoring appointment is required. The student must notify proctoring staff of this need while scheduling. Failure to do so may necessitate appointment rescheduling.
  • Once scheduled, students must arrive on time, provide valid ID, and adhere to instructions, or the exam may be returned to the instructor, and/or the appointment rescheduled.

Proctor Request Form

If accommodations such as assistive/adaptive technology or private space are required, please contact EWU’s Office of Student Accommodations and Support Services (SASS) for assistance. The online database (MyDSS) will allow students to schedule testing appointments online with the Student Accommodations office.

Proctoring at the JFK Library is a service for the EWU community. Not affiliated with EWU? Contact your local public library for proctoring service suggestions.

For more information, email or phone 509.359.6294