Spaces at JFK

Find Your Way Around

Welcome to JFK! With three floors of study rooms, stacks, resources, and collaborative spaces, we’ve got something for everyone.



  • Circulation Desk
  • Reference Desk
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee
  • Learning Commons Partners:
    • Multimedia Commons
    • PLUS (Program Leading to University Success)
    • Writers’ Center


  • Computers
  • Assistive Technology Study Room (Student Accommodations and Support Services)


  • Current newspapers
  • Periodicals
  • Reference

PDF Map of JFK Main Level


  • Curriculum Center (family friendly)
  • Archives & Special Collections (ASPC)
  • Equipment Checkout Services


  • Computers
  • Computer Collaboration Center
  • Study Rooms
  • Instruction Rooms (L23 & Auxiliary)
  • Nursing Mother’s Room


  • Book stacks (R-Z)
  • Video, audio, scores, & LPs
  • Oversize
  • Government documents
  • Maps
  • Microfilm/microfiche
  • Auxiliary periodicals
  • Children’s literature (including audio books)
  • Textbooks
  • Teaching resources

PDF Map of Lower Level


  • Director of Libraries Office (U02)


  • Computers
  • Study rooms
  • Vending machines


  • Book stacks (A-Q)

PDF Map of Upper Level

Students work together in the library
Picture: Student reading a book in the library
Eagle sculpture in the library

Group Study Rooms

Most of our rooms are first-come, first-served. However, we do have multiple rooms that can be reserved ahead of time!

  • For small groups (2 or more people): U03, L12
  • For medium group (5 or more people): U30, U34, M17, L20

Visit the Circulation Desk on the main level to reserve rooms. You need to make your request at least one-hour in advance.

Unlike our other rooms, M17 can be reserved by students via Eagle Sync (students) or faculty/staff via  25Live. M17 can be used for club activities, meetings, and other events.

  • Small group (2 or more people): M11, M13, M15
  • Medium group (5 or more people): M17*

*Reserve one hour in advance.

Map Image of Main Level Study Rooms

  • Small group (2 or more people): L10, L12*, L15, L16, L17, L18, L24, L26, L28
  • Medium group (5 or more people): L20*

*Reserve one hour in advance.

Map Image of Lower Level Study Rooms

  • Small group (2 or more people): U03*, U09, U13, U20, U22, U24, U27, U29
  • Medium group (5 or more people): U30*, U34*

*Reserve one hour in advance.

Map Image of Upper Level Study Rooms

  • We accept reservations for groups of two or more and only one booking at a time.
  • Reservations for M17 exceeding one hour are limited to one instance per week, unless approved by library staff.
  • Reservations are forfeited if the room is unclaimed ten minutes into or left vacant during the allotted time.
  • Unattended items are taken to lost and found at the main level checkout desk.
  • Rooms are not soundproof; the Leave No Trace and other library policies apply.

Group study rooms are for group study, not committee meetings, classes, or lectures.  

  • Lone users may be asked to vacate, as groups have priority.
  • All study rooms are first-come/first-served unless otherwise reserved.
  • Room M17 is a multi-purpose room that can be group study and meetings and events.
  • Some group study rooms have wall-mounted computer monitors available for plug-in use, contact us for more details.

For more info, assistance with accommodations, or reservation questions, visit the Circulation Desk or call 509.359.7888.

Requesting Event Space in JFK

Student Groups

Request event space using Eagle Sync.  Or, call the EWU SAIL Office for assistance at 509.359.2514.

Eagle Sync

Table Tent Reservations in JFK

Table tents must be free standing; paper flyers or slips cannot be substituted and will be subject to recycling. 

  • Reservation periods are one week in length, for EWU affiliated groups only.
  • Tents must be approved through the PUB Admin Office. See EWU’s Posting Policy.
  • Group or department is responsible for printing and placing the tents. When the reservation is finished tents will be recycled by JFK staff.
  • JFK table count: 42 on the upper level, 68 on the main level and 44 on the lower level.

When requesting, please specify: 1) your EWU student group or department, 2) week requested, 3) your contact information.

Table Tent Request

Faculty and Staff

Request space using 25Live, or contact Event Planning for assistance, 509.359.4249.


Community Members

Contact Event Planning for assistance, 509.359.4249.

Event Planning Website

Filming in JFK

Please apply with EWU’s Office of Risk, Compliance and Procurement.

Campus Filming Request