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The JFK Library features public printing and scanning options via Wepa print stations.

Students, when using your EagleCard, your Student Tech Fee print credit is used first, and your Eagle Flex balance second.

Guest (Print) Cards are available for purchase at the PHIL Station located behind Thomas Hammer Coffee Shop.

We are here to help! For assistance, visit us at a nearby service desk.


Scanning and Printing Options in the JFK Library

WEPA  is wireless everywhere, print anywhere!

WEPA printer stations are located at both the JFK Library (on all three floors) and the Spokane Academic Library.

Use WEPA print stations to print from a computer, the cloud, uploaded files, flash drive, email, or mobile device.

WEPA stations allow multiple payment options including your EagleCard, a Guest Card, a WEPA account and more!


Location: JFK main and lower levels

How: Use your Single Sign-On at scanners and scan (FREE) to one of these places/devices:

  • Thumb drive
  • Email
  • NetStorage
  • WEPA printer (print fees apply)
  • and more!

Location: The ScanPro 2200 is located on the lower level near the service desk and public printer.

Features: For use with microfilm, microfiche, and microcards. Print images using a WEPA print station, or save images to a thumb drive.

How: PDF instructions are available via the button below and are posted on location.  Assistance is available from the nearby service desk.

ScanPro 2200 Instructions


In order to make copies, scan your document using a scanner, and send your scan to a WEPA printer.

  1. Over the phone: To make a deposit with your Visa or MasterCard over the phone, contact the EagleCard office staff at 509.359.6184. Please have your credit card information ready, as well as your NetID or Student ID Number.
  2. In-person at the EagleCard Office: Visit the EagleCard Office in 120 Tawanka Hall to add funds to your Flex account with cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard.
  3. At a PHIL machine: Make cash deposits at one of our convenient PHIL machine locations: Tawanka Hall first floor across from the EagleCard Office, JFK Library near the print and copy center, and the Spokane Campus Library. You can also use the PHIL machines to check your current Flex account balance.

Purchase a Guest Card for $1 at the PHIL machine located behind the Thomas Hammer Coffee shop.  Add value to your new Guest Card.