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Lynnae Daniels

Librarian of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics
Photo of Lynnae Daniels

Liya Deng

Librarian of Social Sciences
Photo of Liya Deng

Kelly Evans

Librarian of Business, Health Sciences,Visual Communication Design, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering
Spokane Academic Library
Photo of Kelly Evans

Merri Hartse

Librarian of Accounting, Political Science, Public Administration, and International Affairs
Photo of Merri Hartse

Rose Sliger Krause

Librarian of Art and Art Education
Photo of Rose Sliger Krause

Ielleen Miller

Librarian of English, Film, Modern Languages, and Theatre
Photo of Ielleen Miller

Suzanne Milton

English Composition and College in the High School Library Instruction Coordinator
Learning Services Coordinator

Jaclyn Parrott

Librarian of Religious Studies
Photo of Jaclyn Parrott

James Rosenzweig

Librarian of Education and Literacy
Library Faculty Chair
Photo of James Rosenzweig

Qing Stellwagen

Librarian of Diversity and Inclusion Studies, and Economics
Photo of Qing Stellwagen

Paul Victor

Librarian of Anthropology, Geography, History, Honors, Military Science, Online learning, WAMS, Philosophy, and Urban Planning
Coordinator of Reference Services, Off-Campus and e-Learning Library Services
Photo of Paul Victor

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