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Whether you need an overview of the research process, resource recommendations, or specialized research instruction for your courses, we look forward to working with you!

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Subject Area Librarians

Lynnae Daniels

Librarian for STEM Subjects- Biology, Chemistry, Design, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geophysics, Mathematics
Photo of Lynnae Daniels

Liya Deng

Librarian of Social Sciences- Addiction Studies, Aging Studies, Social Work, Psychology, Disability Studies
Photo of Liya Deng

Kelly Evans

Librarian of Accounting, Business, Health Sciences, Public Administration
Photo of Kelly Evans

Rose Sliger Krause

Librarian of Art, Art Education, Art History
Photo of Rose Sliger Krause

Ielleen Miller

Librarian of Anthropology, Communication Studies, English, Humanities, Modern Languages, Law, Film, Music, Theater
Chair/Director of School of Libraries
Photo of Ielleen Miller

Suzanne Milton

English Composition, College in the High School, Library Instruction Coordinator
Learning Services Coordinator
Photo of Suzanne Milton

Justin Otto

Librarian of Economics
Photo of Justin Otto

Jaclyn Parrott

Librarian of Religious Studies
Photo of Jaclyn Parrott

James Rosenzweig

Librarian of Children's Studies, Education, Literacy
Photo of James Rosenzweig

Qing Stellwagen

Librarian of Diversity and Inclusion Studies, Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies, Political Science, International Affairs
Photo of Qing Stellwagen

Paul Victor

Librarian of Criminal Justice, History, Honors, Interdisciplinary Studies, Military Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Urban Planning, WAMS
Photo of Paul Victor

About the EWU Libraries’ Instruction Program

Our Mission is to teach students, university faculty and staff to locate, evaluate, and use information resources and services effectively, in accordance with four foundational documents:

Our Instructional Philosophy is to provide information literacy-focused instructional programming in order to fulfill our mission, while addressing the three EWU core themes of access, learning, and completion. Librarians create instructional programming tailored to the needs of EWU’s diverse student population. Course-integrated instruction is designed to critically engage students with the resources needed for their coursework, as well as support their growth as information literate citizens. Student learning outcomes focus on developing core research skills to promote the lifelong pursuit of higher-level information inquiry and knowledge acquisition. Wherever possible, instructional activities are constructed to promote active student engagement and experiential learning.

Research Services Available in Spokane

Are you an EWU student studying in Spokane? Get research assistance using the following:

Ask a Librarian Webpage | Text 509.383.8677 | Phone 509.359.2263

EWU students, staff, and faculty may use WSU’s Health Sciences Library (formerly known as the Spokane Academic Library), as community members. Learn more about available services at WSU’s Health Sciences Library online: