Life During COVID-19

Preserving Personal Pandemic Stories


Eastern Washington University Libraries created a digital archive detailing how COVID-19 impacted EWU and members of its community. First-hand accounts and expressions created during the pandemic can help future generations better understand what it was like to learn, work, and live during these uncertain times.

Student Submission Prize Drawing

Thank you to all who participated!

We’d like to congratulate the winner of the Life During COVID Student Drawing, Christopher Moznette!

We thank all the EWU students who shared their reflections, poems, essays, and stories through the drawing. Your contributions will provide insight into some of the social and personal changes occurring during these unusual times. We encourage you to read all their stories housed in the Life During COVID digital archive.


What We Collected

The EWU Libraries is collected and visual media that reflected experiences during the pandemic. We sought submissions demonstrating how lives were changed as a result of COVID-19.

Written memories. Including journal entries.

Creative work. Including poetry, fiction, photographs of artwork, or other creative work.

Photography and audiovisual material. 

Through our collecting efforts, the EWU Archives hopes to provide future generations better insight on what it was like for the EWU community to live during the pandemic.

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