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Giving to the Libraries and Learning Commons

The EWU Libraries and Learning Commons are the hub of intellectual inquiry at Eastern. We provide critical resources and services to every student, every faculty member, every genre and every college. By donating to the EWU Libraries and Learning Commons, you are donating directly to student success.

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Giving for Students

The Library Fund meets immediate needs of EWU Libraries and Learning Commons. Needs include jump-starting a project, supporting a program, and filling a unique or urgent need not covered through state operating budgets or other revenue sources. Priorities are determined at the discretion of the Dean.

The Library Fund

Established in 1998 with a target of $1M, annual distributions from this fund help EWU Libraries and Learning Commons purchase vital resources, in multiple formats, for students and faculty. Every contribution to this fund further ensures EWU students and faculty have ongoing access to knowledge that reflects best teaching and learning practices.

The Collection Endowment Fund

Scholarships can be set up to include your personalized provisions to ensure your giving is directed appropriately. EWU attracts, retains, and graduates a wide variety of students including first-generation, under-represented, and nontraditional students. Help transform the life of an EWU student today!

For more information and online payment, please contact the EWU Foundation or explore giving opportunities for scholarships.

We are building a $1 million endowment with the goal of support the EWU Libraries and Learning Commons’ efforts to provide students with resources that support their curricular needs and research endeavors.

Giving to Improve Learning Environments

Leave your mark on the EWU Libraries and Learning Commons in your name, or in the name of a group or person you wish to honor or memorialize, and support student success in a very critical and fundamental way. Whether you choose to name a room within the library, or name a scholarship or award, your donation will support student success and help the library fulfill its mission.

The financial requirements for naming opportunities differ, so donors are encouraged to discuss their ideas with us. If you are interested exploring naming opportunities, or scholarship or award funding, contact Pat Spanjer,

A planned gift can be a win-win situation, supporting the EWU Libraries and Learning Commons while providing great tax benefits to you. For more information, contact Courtney Susemiehl, Director of Planned Giving, at 509.359.6703 or


$15 million is needed to refurbish library and learning commons spaces that support teaching, research and lifelong learning. Help us foster these functions in a first-class environment.

Give to Increase Access

We have many collections stored in archives that may be of great benefit for scholars but have been gifted to us without the financial support to process and digitize for scholarly access and use. Digitization allows easy, searchable access to the materials, and serves to preserve rare and fragile items. If you would like to help shine a light on an otherwise hidden treasure, consider giving to digitize a hidden collection.

Our hidden collections are begging to come out of hiding. In images alone, we have over a quarter of a million images documenting, for example, student life, rural life in the United States, history of transportation, and much more. Here are a few examples of collections we have digitized:

  • Robert Gillette Album documenting his experience in the 82nd Airborne
  • Significant Pacific Northwest historical photographs
  • Fabulous Curtis Prints of 50 Native American Tribes
  • Oral history collection of life in the Interior Northwest
  • Collection of Asian Art
  • Michel J. Denuty Transportation Records and Photos

For more information about how you can help fund a digitization project contact Pat Spanjer,

The EWU Digital Commons is a hosted platform that allows the EWU Libraries and Learning Commons to showcase student and faculty research and creative works.  Access to these works is not only of tremendous benefit to our local and regional scholars and community but also to users worldwide, visibly demonstrating intellectual and artistic achievements at EWU.

Examples of work published in the digital commons include:

  • EWU Music Recitals and Other Performances
  • EWU Graduate Theses
  • EWU Undergraduate Research Projects showcased at the National Council of Undergraduate Research
  • EWU Faculty Research
  • EWU Applied Research
  • EWU Yearbooks

For more detailed information about how you can help fund ongoing construction of our Digital Commons, contactPat Spanjer,

We are seeking a $1 million technology endowment to support innovation and use of technology. Help us provide the platform for creating and managing digital scholarship and digitizing hidden collections of archival gems.

Giving Materials or Scholarly Collections

We are not accepting material or book donations at this time. 

If you have questions, or feel your donation or collection would benefit our students, please contact our Director of EWU Libraries Kelly Evans at 509.359.2264 or email kevans21@ewu.

Some of the most valuable assets of the EWU Libraries and Learning Commons are collections donated by individuals who have spent lifetimes building a body of work.

If you would like to discuss such a donation, or have questions about submitting your work to the University Archives and Special Collections, please contact Steven Bingo of the University Archives at 509.359.2302 or

Please note, the EWU Libraries and Learning Commons asks for a monetary donation, if possible, with any body of work donated for processing and digitization to provide preservation and accessibility of the material.

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Pat Spanjer

Director of Development Communications and Stewardship