JFK Library Access for Fall 2020

A guide to what’s open, and how to access our services and resources.

While portions of the JFK Library building are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many library and learning commons services are in operation during our “In and Out Lobby Services” and online.  Spokane Academic Library is closed, but features front door pick-up via appointment. See all our services detailed below.

“In and Out Lobby Services” at the JFK Library

Beginning Monday, Sept. 21, the JFK Lobby is open for select services. Upon entering JFK, please scan the posted JFK-specific QR code for COVID-19 attestation, observe posted signs, and follow mask and social distancing guidelines.

On-site Lobby Services via Appointment:

  • Pick-up reserved non-equipment materials (such as books and DVDs).
  • Check-out and return equipment.

Drop-in Lobby Services:

  • Return non-equipment material (such as books and DVDs) anytime using outside book drops or use the inside book drop at JFK during operating hours.
  • Scanning and printing.
  • Thomas Hammer to-go orders, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

User Note: The rear entrance/exit, main floor public restrooms, and lobby-area service desks are OPEN. JFK’s upper and lower floors, group seating and study rooms, Learning Commons, elevators, and stairwells are CLOSED.

Read more about our services below.

For more information about services, accommodation, or scheduling call 509.359.7888, email circulation@ewu.edu, or visit us online at www.ewu.edu/library.

Please note: While we thank you for your generosity, we are unable to accept book donations during this time.

Assistance & Resources Available Fall 2020

  1. Make your item request for items at EWU-Cheney (JFK Library) or EWU-Spokane (Spokane Academic Library):
  2. Schedule your pick up time when you receive our message in your Eagles email.
  3. Bring your Eagle I.D. to your select location, follow any posted instructions, and mask and social distancing guidelines. Upon Eagle I.D. verification, our friendly staff will provide your materials.

Returns: Books and other non-equipment materials can be placed in external book drop slots at either location any time of day, or in the JFK Lobby during hours of operation.

*All returns are quarantined for three days prior to re-shelving.

JFK Library has two in-wall book slots marked “book depository” on either side of the front entrance. 

Arrow pointing to the book drop slot to the side of the JFK Library doors

Spokane Academic Library (located at 600 North Riverpoint Blvd.) has a free-standing book drop at the northwest entrance.

Arrow pointing to the book drop at the northwest entrance of Spokane Academic Library

For questions:

JFK Library (Cheney): 509.359.7888 or circulation@ewu.edu

Interlibrary Loan (Cheney): 509.359.2492 or ewuill@ewu.edu or see this ILL Services Guide.

Spokane Academic Library: 509.358.7930 or spok.lib@wsu.edu

  1. View the equipment list online: www.ewu.edu/library/equipment-checkout.
  2. Make your equipment request by emailing circulation@ewu.edu.
  3. Schedule your JFK Lobby pick-up appointment when you receive our message in your Eagle email.
  4. Bring your Eagle I.D. to the temporary JFK Lobby Equipment Checkout Desk (previously known as the Reference Desk) and we will provide the equipment.

Equipment must be returned to this same location via appointment. 

For questions:

JFK Library (Cheney): 509.359.7888 or circulation@ewu.edu


Note on copyright: While the library will do everything we can to support your courses, we must be cognizant of copyright issues. While much of what you do will fall under Fair Use, we must adhere to the rules as best we can.  

For more information on putting resources online during the pandemic, see the Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research

Document Delivery & Scanning Services: As you’re working to get your classes online, we are here to support you with material from our library collection. We are accepting document delivery requests; we will scan library materials to support the curriculum in your online courses.


  1. Search the library catalog and submit an Interlibrary Loan request for a needed chapter/excerpt.
  2. Make one request for needed content to include in Canvas rather than ask all of your students to request the same content individually.
  3. Access to this content once in Canvas, with an accompanying copyright statement (provided in the Read More link below), is limited to students, instructors, and teaching assistants enrolled in the course for the given term.
  4. Once need for the content has been met, or the quarter ends, please delete the material.

Read More about Document Delivery Requests

Document Delivery Request: Archives & Special Collections (A&SC) will scan materials from its collections to support online classes. A&SC has the ability to scan the following formats from its collections:

  • Textual documents, including books and unbound materials
  • Photographs
  • Microfilmed documents
  • Audio cassettes
  • VHS tapes

To request scans of chapters, articles, or excerpts from published materials held by A&SC, please submit an interlibrary loan request through the catalog.

Please submit requests to scan archival or multimedia materials by sending an email to archives@ewu.edu. Please allow three days for fulfillment as A&SC will not have staff on site on a daily basis unless demand requires it.

A&SC will not scan materials too fragile for scanning or perform work in excess of fair use or would otherwise violate copyright. Priority will be given to requests by teaching faculty to support course curriculum.

Online Educational Resources (OER)

General Resources for Faculty Guide

Search the library catalog; and under “request options” click on “request a scan of a chapter or excerpt.” This request is facilitated by Interlibrary Loan.

Wepa printers, featuring letter and tabloid (11 x 7 in.) formats, are available in the lobby and hallway behind Thomas Hammer.

Consider using touchless printing, available with the Wepa Express App: https://support.wepanow.com/express/.

Scanners are also available in the hallway behind Thomas Hammer.

EWU Libraries’ Research Services: Chat with EWU Librarians, weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., now with optional screen sharing. Chat after hours, 24/7, with librarians from partner institutions. Contact us via email ewuref@ewu.edu, schedule a consultation, and take advantage of our online subject guides. More details and access at https://research.ewu.edu/.

Email archives@ewu.edu with questions about the archives, to ask about donating, to learn more about services, or to request a consultation. Digital document delivery services are available for online courses. Visit our digital collection, and learn more at www.ewu.edu/library/ewu-archives-special-collections.

The MMC is not in operation Fall 2020. Visit us online at https://inside.ewu.edu/it/service/multimedia-commons/ for printing alternatives, solutions, & suggestions.

Download Virtual Labs 2.0 at https://support.ewu.edu/support/solutions.

For IT Support visit us online at: https://inside.ewu.edu/it/services/.

PLUS provides free academic support to EWU students through collaborative study groups, individualized tutoring, academic coaching, and online academic assistance. All our services are online for Fall 2020; visit us at https://inside.ewu.edu/plus/.

Responders offer a collaborative experience that strengthens EWU writers of any ability, from any discipline, and at any stage of the writing process. All our services are online for Fall 2020; visit us at https://inside.ewu.edu/writerscenter/.

Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For EWU campus community information on the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the EWU Coronavirus website: ewu.edu/coronavirus.