LIBR 210 | Intro to Academic Research

Earn Five Credits while learning valuable research skills!

Learn in a supportive, hands-on, and fun environment!

This five-credit, online course

  • focuses on interdisciplinary information literacy skills and library research techniques.
  • is applicable to research projects and assignments in various majors.
  • meets General Education requirements.
  • requires no textbook purchase!

This course will help you build a solid foundation for conducting independent academic research in upper-level courses. You will master the skills necessary to develop appropriate search strategies and locate information sources in various formats relevant to a chosen research topic. You will be introduced to discipline-specific library resources and tools and teach ways to effectively evaluate information sources for any course assignment. Above all, you will learn how to use information ethically to create new knowledge and solve real-life problems.

For more information, please contact Dr. Liya Deng,

LIBR 210 Course Flyer

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